01. War Child (4:36)
02. Queen And Country (3:00)
03. Ladies (3:18)
04. Back-Door Angels (5:26)
05. Sealion (3:40)
06. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day (4:12)
07. Bungle In The Jungle (3:37)
08. Only Solitaire (1:39)
09. The Third Hoorah (4:51)
10. Two Fingers (5:19)

Bonus tracks on remastered CD (2002):

Total playing time: 39:10

11. Warchild Waltz (4:21)
12. Quartet (2:44)
13. Paradise Steakhouse (4:03)
14. Sealion 2 (3:20)
15. Rainbow Blues (3:40)
16. Glory Row (3:35)
17. Saturation (4:21)

Total playing time: 65:51

Songs composed by Ian Anderson except 'Sealion 2' lyrics by Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond

Ian Anderson: Vocals, Flute, Acoustic Guitar, Alto, Soprano & Sopranino Saxophones
Martin Barre: Electric & Spanish Guitars
John Evan: Organ, Piano, Synthesizers & Piano Accordion
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond: Bass Guitar & String Bass
Barriemore Barlow: Drums, Glockenspiel & sundry Percussion devices

Producer: Ian Anderson
Executive producer: Terry Ellis

Ochestrations by David Palmer
The producer would like to thank members of The Philamusica Of London - leader Patric Halling
The orchestra was conducted by David Palmer
Engineer: Robin Black
Cutting engineers (on original LP): George Peckham & Melvin Abrahams
Recorded at Morgan Studios, London
Music arranged by Jethro Tull
Banner model: ShirtSleeves Studio
Photography: Ian Dickson

The dark & sometimes bewildering Tull concept album 'A Passion Play' with its references to death, God & Lucifer, heralded an altogether more up-beat development in the form of the 1974 'Warchild' recording.

At face value, the songs are whimsical, lighter in subject matter &, above all, short!
Strange, then, that the two albums are strongly linked, in that the Passion Play subject was re-written as a potential movie synopsis & I thought: 'Let's make the album first & the movie afterwards.'

Of course, the movie was never made although I had lined up Leonard Rossiter, Dame Margot Fonteyn, choreographer Sir Frederick Ashton, John Cleese, & others to act, dance, advise & help with the writing etc. Hollywood required American stars, total production control & a bankable director. I required a quick re-think & exit.

'Bungle In The Jungle', 'Skating Away..' & 'Solitaire' were in fact recorded prior to 'A Passion Play' a year before during the abortive Chateau d'Herouville near Paris.

The inclusion in this re-mastered edition of some extra tracks recorded at the same time but left off the original release due to time constraints (ever the problem with the vynil) will please some & irritate others but it is time that they joined their brothers & sisters after so many years.

Jeffrey Hammond's sometimes anarchic influence is heard on 'Sealion II' & the string arrangements on 'Bungle…' typify the work of David Palmer - frequent collaborator on orchestral additions to my songs. Indeed - the Warchild tour featured a string quartet of blond-wigged ladies who added this additional musical ingredient as well as a stimulating visual treat.

The back cover artwork featured assorted wives, girlfriends, Chrysalis Records staff as well as band members - all illustrating different songs - & David Palmer as God - a role he relishes to this day whenever given an orchestra to rule over. Original Tull manager & Chrysalis boss Terry Ellis was none too sure of his temporary persona as leopard skin-clad, brolly-waving aggressive businessman. I thought he was just perfect. The truth was, he was the only one with a suntan suitable for the Tarzan outfit.

I dedicate this re-master to David Palmer for the many years of orchestral arranging excellence which he brought to the band.

IA 2002

(P) © 1974 Chrysalis Records Ltd.

War Child