My Round   Chateau D'Isaster Tapes

01. First Post (1:57)
02. Animelee (2:37)
03. Tiger Toon (1:36)
04. Look At The Animals (5:10)
05. Law Of The Bungle (2:32)
06. Law Of The Bungle Part II (5:25)
07. Left Right (5:01)
08. Solitaire (1:27)
09. Critique Oblique (9:05)
10. Post Last (5:34)
11. Scenario (3:25)
12. Audition (2:34)
13. No Rehearsal (5:07)

Total playing time: 50:28

Musicians: IA, MB, JE, JHH, BB. All songs recorded in 1973

Your Round   Unreleased & Rare Tracks

01. Paradise Steakhouse (3:59) (1974) Musicians: IA, MB, JE, JHH, BB.
02. Sealion II (3:18) (1974) Musicians: IA, MB, JE, JHH, BB.
03. Piece Of Cake (3:37) (1990) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, DPy, JB.
04. Quartet (2:41) (1974) Musicians: IA, MB, JE, JHH, BB, DPr.
05. Silver River Turning (4:49) (1990) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, DPy, JB.
06. Crew Nights (4:31) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, JC, PV.
07. The Curse (3:35) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC.
08. Rosa On The Factory Floor (4:35) (1990) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, DPy, JB.
09. A Small Cigar (3:38) (1975) Musicians: IA, DPr.
10. Man Of Principle (3:55) (1988) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC.
11. Commons Brawl (3:23) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC.
12. No Step (3:36) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC.
13. Drive On The Young Side Of Life (4:11) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC, PV.
14. I Don't Want To Be Me (3:28) (1990) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, DPy.
15. Broadford Bazaar (3:37) (1978) Musician: IA.
16. Lights Out (5:14) (1981) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg, GC.
17. Truck Stop Runner (3:45) (1991) Musicians: IA, MB, DPy, MP.
18. Hard Liner (3:45) (1989) Musicians: IA, MB, DPg.

Total playing time: 70:11

Key to Musicians:

IA= Ian Anderson
: Vocals, Flute, Tin Whistle, Fife, Acoustic Guitar, Mandolins, Keyboards (Your Round: tracks 12, 16, 18)
MB= Martin Barre
: Electric Guitar
DP= David Pegg
: Bass Guitar, Mandolin (You Round: track 11)
DPy= Doane Perry
: Drums
DPr= David Palmer
: Keyboards
JE= John Evan
: Piano, Hammond Organ, synthesizer, Piano Accordion (Your Round: track 4)
JHH= Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond
= Bass Guitar, Vocals (Your Round: track 2), Acoustic String Bass (Your Round: track 4)
BB= Barriemore Barlow
= Drums
JB= John Bundrick
: Piano & Hammond organ
GC= Gerry Conway
: Drums
PV= Peter Vettese
: Keyboards
MP= Matthew Pegg
: Bass Guitar

All tracks written & produced by Ian Anderson

All tracks published by Salamander & Son Music Ltd. except 'Scenario', 'Audition' & 'No Rehearsal' published by Salamander & Son Music/Chrysalis Music Ltd.

Cover designed by Zarkowski Designs

'This collection of hitherto unreleased recordings is now available at the request of the many hard core Tull fans who have learned over the years, of the existence of the material.
    Most of the sessions for past studio albums have produced an extra song or two surplus to requirements. sometimes these pieces failed to make it on to a record because they were too similar to one of their brothers or sisters: sometimes, as the ear may just detect, because they were too different!
    The infamous 1973 recording sessions at the Chateau D’Herouville, near Paris, were never completed due to ill-health, technical and production problems, and the sudden decision of the band to return to the U.K. from temporary and ill-advised exile.
    Rather than continue with the Chateau Tapes, we decided to begin again with a virtually new work which quickly became the more down-beat and controversial 'A Passion Play'.
    So, here we have it. Not a cup of tea for everyone, but a slightly dizzy night cap for old friends in need of that last dram before laying down their heads to dream of what might have been.'
- Ian Anderson. September 1993
(P) © 1993 Chrysalis Records Ltd.
Bramley Rd., London W10 6SP, UK