Music for flute & orchestra performed by Ian Anderson & Andrew Giddings

01. In A Stone Circle (3:25)
02. In Sight Of The Minaret (3:54)
03. In A Black Box (3:24)
04. In The Grip Of Stronger Stuff (2:48)
05. In Maternal Grace (3:21)
06. In The Moneylender's Temple (3:19)
07. In Defence Of Faiths (3:11)
08. At Their Father's Knee (5:43)
09. En Afrique (2:54)
10. In The Olive Garden (2:50)
11. In The Pay Of Spain (4:05)
12. In The Times Of India (Bombay Valentine) (8:09)

Total playing time: 47:04

Ian Anderson: Concert & Alto Flute, Bamboo Flute, other Wooden Flutes & Whistles
Andrew Giddings: Keyboards, Orchestral tones & colours

Doane Perry
: tuned & un-tuned Percussion
Douglas Mitchell
: Clarinet
Christopher Cowie
: Oboe
Jonathon Carrey
: Violin
Nina Gresin: Cello
Randy Wigs
: Harp
Sid Gander
: French Horn
Dan Redding
: Trumpet

Composed by Ian Anderson
Additional music material by Andrew Giddings
Orchestrations by Ian Anderson & Andrew Giddings
Additional orchestrations & ideas by Gareth Wood & Roger Lewis
Produced by Ian Anderson
Engineered by Ian Anderson, Andrew Giddings & Leon Phillips
Design by Zarkowski Designs

Ian Anderson would like to thank:
All Flutes Plus
Patrick Olwell (Bamboo Flutes)
Trevor James Flutes
Roger Lewis - EMI
Patrick Wilson - EMI
Kenny Wylie - Jethro Tull Productions
Shona Anderson - everything else

Andrew Giddings would like to thank:
Marin Lester, Jock Shannon, Chris Cotton, Len McRae, Tammy Rose at Peavey UK & USA, Dave Marshall, Roland UK, Digital Audio Concepts, Laleham, UK

All tracks published by EMI Music Ltd.

At the invitation of EMI Records (Classical Division) this album was recorded at various times during 1994 between Jethro Tull tours. Focusing on the flute both for the writing and the performing of this music, Ian Anderson has committed himself for the first time to the recording of instrumental and orchestral music, drawing on his interest in comparative religious and cultural influences. Music at celebration is the key here: brightly coloured by elements of improvisation, this material echoes the many diverse and sometimes conflicting spiritual yearnings which might trouble the itinerant middle-aged musician on his continuing journey across the world's stages. Apparently, it was also quite fun to play.
- Ali Aziz - The Mesopotamia Sun Times, 1995

(P) 1995 The copyright in this recording is owned by EMI Records Ltd.
© 1995 Salamander & Son Music Ltd. under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd.