UK/Europe version:

01. With You There To Help Me (6:19)
02. Nothing To Say (5:14)
03. Alive And Well And Living In (2:48)
04. Son (2:51)
05. For Michael Collins, Jeffrey And Me (3:51)
06. To Cry You A Song (6:15)
07. A Time For Everything? (2:44)
08. Inside (3:49)
09. Play In Time (3:49)
10. Sossity; You're A Woman (4:42)

Bonus tracks on remastered CD (2001):

11. Singing All Day (3:07)
12. Witch's Promise (3:52)
13. Just Trying To Be (1:37)
14. Teacher (3:49) (original UK mix)

Total playing time: 54:53

Note: in the US 'Alive And Well And Living In' was substituted with 'Teacher'

Total playing time: 42:50

Songs written by Ian Anderson

Ian Anderson: Lead Vocals, Flute
Martin Barre: Electric Guitar
Glenn Cornick: Bass Guitar
Clive Bunker: Drums
John Evan: Piano, Organ

Produced by Ian Anderson
Executive producer: Terry Ellis
Recorded at Morgan Studio, London
Engineer: Robin Black
Cover design by Terry Ellis & Ruan O'Lochlainn
Graphic presentation by Ken Reilly
Photography by Ruan O'Lochlainn

Remaster's sleevenotes:

  After our first year of touring the USA we returned home weary, excited & not a little overwhelmed by the experience of the music & culture thrust upon us during some 30 weeks of concerts & radio appearances in that big & sometimes daunting country.
  The more varied musical styles of the preceding album, 'Stand Up' had given way to a harder, slightly darker feel in my song-writing - perhaps with a growing cynicism resulting from my disenchantment with the music industry & the commercial pressures coming from the record companies.
  Some of these songs reflect - a I look back on them now after 32 years - a sense of alienation & a growing desire for a steady home base to which I might return after my travels.
  Not that the music of the other bands with whom we played had a great influence: in fact, after many shows with Led Zeppelin Grand Funk Railroad, Creedence Clearwater, Blood Sweat & Tears & even a couple with the punk prototypes, the MC5, I rather retreated into writing music which was, I felt, distinctly un-American sounding compared to many other UK acts who often emulated their American musical heroes.
  On reflection, it was probably that very lack of contemporary US styling in our music that cemented our early success with the audiences. At least we were not treading on the toes of the West Coast hippie bands or the Midwest hard rockers.
  The band were joined by John Evan - the keyboard player from the John Evan Band from which Tull had metamorphosed some two years previously - & the resultant thickening of the musical textures allowed guitarist Martin Barre to focus more onů[?]

Ian Anderson, 2001


(P) © 1970 Chrysalis Records Ltd.