Audio Sequence:

01. Uncle Sam's On Mars (Brock/Calvert) exclusive
02. Small Boy (The Swing) (Calvert/Brock) from f/c CD 'The Brock/Calvert Project'
03. Reality Of Poverty (Brock/Morley) exclusive
04. Ode To A Time Flower (Brock/Calvert) from f/c CD 'The Brock/Calvert Project'
05. Silver Machine (21st Century remix) (Brock/Calvert) exclusive

Total playing time: 31:46

Video Sequence:

06. Images (Brock/Davey/Wishart) from forthcoming DVD 'Space Bandits'
07. Utopia (Brock/Moorcock) from forthcoming DVD 'Australia 2000'
08. Assassins Of Allah (Calvert/Brock/Rudolph) from f/c DVD 'Live at the Astoria 2005'
09. The Golden Void (Brock) from forthcoming DVD 'Treworgey Tree Fayre 1989'
10. Steppenwolf (Brock/Calvert) exclusive 1996 rehearsal
11. Paradox (Brock) from 'Take Me To Your Leader' launch party 2005
12. Don't Be Donkish (Brock) exclusive audio track

Dave Brock: Vocals, Guitar
Alan Davey: Bass, Vocals, Synthesizers
Jason Stuart: Keyboards [1,2]
Robert Clavert: Vocals [2,4]
Arthur Brown: Vocals [3]
Simon House: Violin [3]
Richard Chadwick: Drums, Vocals, Percussion
Lemmy: Vocals [5]

Produced by Dave Brock

(P) © 2006 Voiceprint Records
Take Me To Your Future