01. You Shouldn't Do That (15:41) (Brock/Turner)
02. You Know You're Only Dreaming (6:37) (Brock)
03. Master Of The Universe (6:16) (Brock/Turner)
04. We Took The Wrong Step Years Ago (4:50) (Brock)
05. Adjust Me (5:46) (Hawkwind)
06. Children Of The Sun (3:21) (Anderson/Turner)

Total playing time: 42:34

Bonus tracks (EMI Digipack CD):

07. Seven By Seven (5:24) (Brock) (single edit)
08. Silver Machine (4:40) (Calvert/Macmanus) (single edit)
09. Born To Go (5:04) (Calvert/Brock) (live)

Total playing time: 57:43

Dave Brock: Guitars, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals, Bass
Del Dettmar: Keyboards, Synthesizers
Dikmik: Keyboards
Nik Turner: Flute, Guitar, Saxophone, Vocals, Audio Generator
Terry Ollis: Drums, Percussion
Dave Anderson: Guitars, Bass

Produced by George Chkiantz & Hawkwind
Engineered by George Chkiantz
Assistants: Rufus Cartwright, Philip Chapman, Rod Thear
Digitally remastered by Peter Mew & Paul Cobbold
Project supervisor: Tim Chacksfield
Compilation & tape research: Nigel Reeve
Package design: Phil Smee

(P) © 1971 One Way Records

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