01. Your Poppa Don't Mind (3:02)
02. Travelled (4:29)
03. Rosie Had Everything Planned (3:05)
04. Remember (4:12)
05. Forever (4:58)
06. Potter (2:24)
07. Coming Home To See You (4:47)
08. Times Have Changed (3:51)
09. Friend In Need (2:07)
10. Aries (7:38)

Total playing time: 40:37

1. Your Poppa Don't Mind
Harks back to the Bill Black Combo of some years ago with shades of Chuck Berry. The backing being a tightly knit combination of electric piano, guitar, bass & drums left completely dry in the mix. The track rocks along light-heartedly from start to finish and the attempt at capturing that old chug-along feel without the staleness is, we feel, a successful one.

2. Travelled
A reflective song, and the only track which has any of the melancholy mood of the first album.

3. Rosie Had Everything Planned
A story without beginning or end, written in the middle of the night when we had to do something to stay awake. It happened on the spur of the moment and was completed in a few hours. Frank co-wrote in the first day he joined Supertramp and played piano & accordion on the number.

4. Remember
Is a deliberately 'mock' live performance which emerged from an urge to shout as loud & as heavy as we could. The sound of Dave's multi-tracked saxophones riffling in five harmonies is very appealing. All the instruments & vocals on this track are at full volume virtually throughout.

5. Forever
Is as near to total simplicity as we get. Starting with almost nursery rhyme naivety it builds slowly from start to finish.

6. Potter
A crude piece of British Rock.

7. Coming Home To See You
Contains the strangest set of lyrics on the album, the melody line being rather like hearing one side of a telephone conversation from boy to girl announcing his intention of travelling home. The last words fade away into a long train-like instrumental break & fade-out.

8. Times Have Changed
Is a rather intense composition. It was written a year ago & has been changed a dozen times lyrically & musically right up until the recording.

9. Friend In Need
Is a happy-sounding song about a rather sordid story of a young man's frustration. It features pub-sounding piano & '20's saxophone. A bad time in a good time atmosphere.

10. Aries
This song was conceived a year ago, sitting in a dingy flat in Munich, wondering what was going to happen next. Except for the added percussion, we took it live in the studio. Mainly improvisation it's still cooking nicely.

All songs written by Davies/Hodgson except for 'Rosie Had Everything Planned' by Hodgson-Farrell

Roger Hodgson: Acoustic, Lead, Bass Guitars, Vocals
Frank Farrell: Bass Guitar, Piano, Accordion, Harmony Vocals
Rick Davies: Keyboards, Harmonica, Vocals
Kevin Currie: Percussion
Dave Winthrop: Flutes, Saxophones, Vocals

Produced by Supertramp for Pulsar Promotions Establishment
Recorded at Olympic Studios, March & April 1971
Engineer: Bob Hall
Tape operator: Rufus Cartwright

All songs published by Dick James Music Inc. (BMI)

(P) © 1971 A & M Records

Indelibly Stamped