4 Box Set with 40 page booklet

Disc 1:   70ís - Hammersmith Odeon, London, 30/ 06/ 79

01. Intro (2:00)
02. Please Donít Touch (5:46)
03. Tigermoth (3:37)
04. Every Day (7:29)
05. Narnia (4:36)
06. The Red Flower Of Tai Chi (4:03)
07. Ace Of Wands (7:23)
08. Carry On Up The Vicarage (3:33)
09. Etude In A Min (0:37) (Carrasci/ arr. S.Hackett)
10. Blood On The Rooftops (0:18)
11. Horizons (1:58)
12. Kim (2:36)
13. The Optigan (1:29)
14. A Tower Struck Down (3:30)
15. Spectral Mornings (6:57)

Total playing time: 55:59

Disc 2:   70ís - Hammersmith Odeon, London, 30/ 06/ 79

01. Introductions (1:07)
02. Star Of Sirius (10:16)
03. Shadow Of The Hierophant (9:35)
04. Clocks (7:18)
05. I Know What I Like (8:50)
06. Wardrobe Boogie (5:02)
07. Racing In A (12:15)
08. Racing In A Coda (2:07)

Total playing time: 56:33

Disc 3:   80ís   Castel Sant' Angelo, Rome, 13/ 09/ 81

01. The Air Conditioned Nightmare (5:00)
02. Jacuzzi (5:04)
03. Funny Feeling (5:08)
04. Ace Of Wands (7:47)
05. Picture Postcard (5:18)
06. The Steppes (6:50)
07. Every Day (6:28)
08. Overnight Sleeper (4:28)
09. Hope I Donít Wake (4:25)
10. Slogans (5:18)
11. A Tower Struck Down (3:26) (S.Hackett/ J.Hackett)
12. Spectral Mornings (5:40)
13. The Show (3:52)
14. Clocks (6:08)

Total playing time: 74:58

Disc 4:   90ís The Grand Theatre, London, 08/ 06/ 93

01. Medley (4:56):
      Myopia/ Los Endos/ Imagining/ Ace Of Wands/ Hackett To Pieces
02. Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite (6:13)
03. Sierra Quemada (4:20)
04. Take These Pearls (4:56)
05. In The Heart Of The City (5:32)
06. Walking Away From Rainbows (3:38)
07. There Are Many Sides To The Night (5:20)
08. Kim (2:25)
09. Dark As The Grave (5:26)
10. Always Somewhere Else (6:17)
11. Lost In Your Eyes (5:02)
12. Spectral Mornings/ Firth Of Fifth/ Clocks (8:13)
13. Cinema Paradiso (3:16)
14. In That Quiet Earth (5:20)

Total playing time: 71:00

(Extra) Disc 5:   70's - Newcastle City Hall, 26/10/79

01. Please Donít Touch
02. Tigermoth
03. Every Day
04. The Steppes
05. Narnia
06. Red Flower Of Taichi Blooms Everywhere
07. Sentimental Institution
08. Star Of Sirius
09. Spectral Mornings
10. Clocks

Bonus tracks (from Hammersmith Odeon - 30/10/78):

11. Ace Of Wands
12. Hands Of The Priestess
13. Racing In A

Discs 1,2:
    Steve Hackett: Guitar & Vocals
    Nick Magnus: Keyboards
    John Hackett: Flute, Guitar, Bass Pedals
    Dik Cadbury: Bass & Vocals
    John Shearer: Drums
    Pete Hicks: Vocals

    Mix (thought to be) by Mick McKenna
    Concert mix by Roger Lindsay
    Produced by Steve Hackett
    Mastered by Benedict Fenner
Disc 3:
    Steve Hackett: Guitar & Vocals
    Nick Magnus: Keyboards
    John Hackett: Flute, Guitar, Bass Pedals
    Chas Cronk: Bass & Vocals
    Ian Mosley: Drums

    Concert mix by Billy Budis
    Produced by Steve Hackett
    Mastered by Benedict Fenner
Disc 4:
    Once Hugo had the bit between his teeth we all kept up this frightening pace. Not so much a trip as a rock down memory lane.
    Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite
    A track Iíll never get tired of playing live - sympathy for the undead I suppose!

    Sierra Quemada
    A favourite guitar instrumental with the Andes faintly in mind.
    Take These Pearls
    Longer than the album & to my mind a better feel than the Noir version. Percussion department is largely responsible.

    In The Heart Of The City
    Rap meets rep in this wordy cityscape - dying to chill out into the spacey solo at the end. I felt the guitar synth said at least as much as the lyric but in a slightly more paramedically inclined way.

    Walking Away From Rainbows
    A melody that I sometimes get to trade with sax players these days but here it is again in full guitar form.

    There Are Many Sides To The Night
    A lady of the night painted against the backdrop of city life - down but not completely out...

    Great to be joined once again here by brother John on magic flute.

    Dark As The Grave
    A posthumous book by Malcolm Lowry was the inspiration for this world weary tune, largely built on atmospherics. There were complaints about the lack of recognisable milestones from the band during rehearsals for this one which made it almost totally different every night in concert. We hope you like surrealist jazz. ..!

    Always Somewhere Else
    This live version of the Highly Strung tune is preceded by a fearsome improvisational blitzkrieg from Doug & Hugo.

    Lost In Your Eyes
    A basic rocker with blues harp just to let you know that I havenít forgotten Mr. Paul Butterfield, the acknowledged master of the Ďpoor manís trumpetí.

    Spectral Mornings/Firth of Firth/Clocks medley
    Some old favourites from before the war! Clapham will never see the like again...

    Cinema Paradiso
    An adaptation of one of Ennio Morricone's most beautiful guitar tunes. If you haven't seen the film yet then delay ye not, missus!

    In That Quiet Earth
    Nothing quiet about this old fave - itís always been a bugger to play but still has certain je ne sais quoi... (pretentious - moi? Ah, la nostalgie ... Je tíaime absolument les gauloise)...

    Steve Hackett: Guitar & Vocals
    Julian Colbeck: Keyboards
    Doug Sinclair: Bass & Vocals
    Hugo Degenhardt: Drums & Vocals
    John Hackett: Flute on 'Kim'

    Concert mix by Andrew Murdock
    Produced by Steve Hackett
    Mastered by Benedict Fenner

Disc 5:
Note: this disc is also sold separately as 'Live Newcastle'
    Please Donít Touch
    The roar of the greasepaint ... the smell of the crowd ... the stage covered in smoke ... the cough of the Mellotron ... 'Lets deafen Ďem lads' ... 'What did you say Capín ...?' & 'Youíre on!'

    Sounds like the soundtrack to an imaginary ballet or the Sugar Plum Fairyís nightmare. A brief, limited offensive but takes no prisoners.

    Every Day
    The only drug song this lineup ever sang. Life in the raw. 'Can you light a fire in winterís face?' Enough of this modern talk. Beware lest thou fallest upon the poisoned needle ... (and a plethora of Iambic Pentameters).

    The Steppes
    In those days many tunes were test driven live at first. This one, even in rough form, seemed to work on extreme dynamics alone. The element of surprise was everything.

    If not for the 'The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe' there would have been no song. Bless you Mr C S Lewis for your supreme penmanship.

    Red Flower of Taichi Blooms Everywhere
    Propaganda & poetry cunningly linked in the title of this impressionistic piece. If you compare this live mix to the studio version youíll find a rock band at itís most versatile, if I may say so.

    Sentimental Institution
    A merciless send up of the Big Band & Crooner era, made possible courtesy of a well-tempered Optigan & Pete Hicksí golden tonsils. Donít throw away that mirror ball, itís all coming back

    Star Of Sirius
    You cannot be Sirius you may say, & who would disagree with you? But if you are as much a fan of vocal harmonies we were, this one could be for you

    Spectral Mornings
    This tune started out as yet another vocal number, but when I originally played the melody to the band on guitar, they convinced me to keep it that way.

    Unashamedly designed as live bait but something that quickly found its way onto the bandís first studio album. This version finds John Shearer beating hell out of his colossal gleaming kit - a passionate solo often likened to a one man impression of a herd of rampaging elephants.

    Bonus Tracks from Hammersmith Odeon, 30/10/78:

    Ace Of Wands
    A relentless pace, but the flute falters not - the fastest in the world (certainly in Pimlico at the time).

    Hands Of The Priestess
    Sir John The Flute ... lock up your daughters. Now a father of three & a pillar of the community.

    Racing In A
    Racing In A what? (In the key of A Major is the answer). Surprisingly steady pace on this one (clock the live three-part harmony guitars.) No mere strummers these boys ...

    Steve Hackett: Guitar & Vocals
    Nick Magnus: Keyboards
    John Hackett: Flute, Guitar, Bass Pedals
    Dik Cadbury: Bass & Vocals
    John Shearer: Drums
    Pete Hicks : Vocals

    Concert mix by Billy Budis (Newcastle) & Roger Lindsay (Hammersmith)
    Produced by Steve Hackett
    Mastered by Benedict Fenner
(P) © 2001 Camino Records

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