01. Camino Royale (5:25)
02. Cell 151 (6:25)
03. Always Somewhere Else (3:58)
04. Walking Through Walls (3:45)
05. Give It Away (4:05)
06. Weightless (3:30)
07. Group Therapy (5:44)
08. India Rubber Man (2:29)
09. Hackett To Pieces (2:38)

Total playing time: 38:05

Bonus tracks [2007 remaster]:

10. Guitar Boogie
11. Walking Through Walls (12" version)
12. Time Lapse At Milton Keynes

All titles by Hackett except 1,9 by Hackett/Magnus

Steve Hackett: Guitars & Vocals
Chris Laurence: Contrabass
Nigel Warren-Green: Cello
Ian Mosley: Drums
Nick Magnus: Keyboards & Devices

Steve's guitars:
Ovation UKII, Les Paul, Stratocaster, Giffen, Marshall 100w & 50w Amps, Pete Cornish Pedal Board, Echoplex, Energy Bow, Slide, Hohner Harmonica

Nick's keyboards:
Jupiter 8, Memory Moog, Steam Piano, Moog Source, Moni Moog, Korg CX3, Vocoder Plus, Emulator, Rhodes, Harpsichord, Prophet 5, Linn LM1

Ian's drums: Yamaha with Evans heads

Produced by Steve Hackett & John Acock
Creative engineering & good vibes from John Acock, Rafe McKenna & Brad Grisdale
Assisted by Bob Kraushaar
Recorded in London at Berry Street Studios, Marcus Music & Redan Recorders, Feb-Nov 1982
Mastered by Kevin Metcalfe at Utopia Studios, London
Special thanks to Linda Harris at company headquarters
Equipment: Neil Biscoe & Gid Fitzpatrick

Front cover lettering: Bryan Hemming
Design: Thumb Design Partnership
Front & back paintings by Kim Poor

Furry cuddles to Kim, my eternal partner in crime.

(P) © 1983 Charisma Records Ltd.

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