2000 (1986)
Previously unreleased 1986 album

01. Cassandra (4:07)
02. Prizefighters (5:13)
03. Slot Machine (4:23)
04. Stadiums Of The Damned (4:41)
05. Donít Fall (4:25)
06. Oh How I Love You (3:58)
07. Notre Dame Des Fleurs (3:11)
08. The Gulf (7:21)

Total playing time: 37:20

All tracks by S.Hackett except 3 by S.Hackett/Brian May

Steve Hackett: Guitar (1-8), Vocals (1-5,8), Harmonica (5)
Chris Thompson: Vocals (1-3,5,6)
Brian May: Guitar (1,3), Vocals (3)
Pete Trewavas: Bass (1)
Ian Mosley: Drums (1)
Nick Magnus: Keyboards (1-5,8), Virtual Drums (2-5), Piano (6,8)
Bonnie Tyler: Vocal (2)
Terry Pack: Bass (2)
The Phil Henderson Orchestra arr. by Phil Henderson (2)

Produced by Steve Hackett, except 3 by S.Hackett & Brian May on
Original cover painting 'Blood On The Rooftops' by Kim Poor

All titles © 1986 Stephen Hackett Ltd. except 2: © 1986 Stephen Hackett Ltd./Boundmere Ltd. & 3: © 1986 Stephen Hackett Ltd./Queen Music Ltd.

Note: the disc contains bonus MP3's:
'A Joyful Noise' by Chester Thompson (A Joyful Noise)
'Cavalcanti' by S. Hackett
'Cool Groove' by Chester Thompson (A Joyful Noise)
'The Court Of The Crimson King' by S. Hackett
'Darktown' by S. Hackett
'Days Of Long Ago' by S. Hackett
'Footloose' by S. Hackett
'Pieces Froides no. 2 Danse De Travers II' by S. Hackett
'Gnossienne no. 2' by S. Hackett
'Heat Of The Moment' by S. Hackett
'Horizons' by S. Hackett
'In That Quiet Earth' by S. Hackett
'Kim' by S. Hackett
'Let There Be Light' by Ian McDonald (Drivers Eyes)
'The Rio Connection' by S. Hackett
'Theatre Of Sleep' by S. Hackett
'Vampyre With A Healthy Appetite' by S. Hackett
'Watcher Of The Skies' by S. Hackett
'When You Wish Upon A Star' by S. Hackett
'You Are A Part Of Me' by Ian McDonald (Drivers Eyes)

(P) © 2000 Camino Records

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