01. Born In Chicago (3:57) (Gravenites)
02. The Stumble (2:55) (King/Thompson)
03. Love Of Another Kind (3:59) (Hackett)
04. Way Down South (4:28) (Hackett)
05. A Blue Part Of Town (3:03) (Hackett/Colbeck)
06. Footloose (2:30) (Hackett)
07. Tombstone Ruler (5:17) (Hackett)
08. Blues With A Feeling (4:22) (Little Walter Jacobs)
09. Big Dallas Sky (4:47) (Hackett/Colbeck/Sinclair/Degenhardt)
10. The 13th Floor (3:29) (Hackett)
11. So Many Roads (3:15) (Paul Marshall)
12. Solid Ground (4:29) (Hackett/Colbeck/Sinclair/Degenhardt)

Total playing time: 46:37

Steve Hackett: Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica
Julian Colbeck: Keyboards
Doug Sinclair: Bass Guitar
Hugo Degenhardt: Drums

Dave 'Taif' Ball: Bass Guitar on 3 & 4
Jerry Peal: Organ on 3
The Kew Horns: Horns on 6-8
Matt Dunkley: Trumpet
John Lee: Trumpet
Pete Long: Tenor Sax
John Chapman: Baritone Sax

Produced by Steve Hackett
Mixed by Jerry Peal except 4 mixed by Chris Deam
Mixed by Chris Deam & Jerry Peal
Recorded & mixed in The Basement
Photo: Paul Clark, Adrian Bell
Design: Lippa Pearce

Why the blues? Why a cry in the night? Can the whites? Whatever did happen at Eel Pie Island? B.B. says 'anyone who ever lost a woman' can play the (definite article) blues! But what if you're too young or old to find a friend? I digress, but they say the devil has all the best tunes I sometimes think that God likes to drop in for a blow now & then as well, it's true there is a sense of invocation about this stuff, if you can feel earthbound & afloat at the same time you're probably listening to the (once more definite article) blues regularly by now - the trouble is it's very hard to quit - you'll probably move on to the hard stuff (jazz) of course, but don't say I didn't warn you! Once you get hooked on blues you'll be making up your own solos, humming to yourself at work, drifting off in the middle of board meetings. Instead of proposing something sensible you'll probably open your mouth & accidentally let slip (in a loud voice) something like: 'I dun tol ya the blues bit me somewhere nasty down in ground' or, conversely, 'my mojo is in an operable condition but its efficacy has yet to be demonstrated upon you'. Now where did I hear that?

(P) © 1995 Camino Records

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Blues With A Feeling