01. Bay Of Kings (4:56)
02. Journey (4:14)
03. Kim (2:25)
04. Marigold (3:36)
05. St.Elmo's Fire (3:08)
06. Petropolis (2:45)
07. Second Chance (1:58)
08. Cast Adrift (2:15)
09. Horizons (1:47)
10. Black Light (2:31)
11. The Barren Land (3:46)
12. Calmaria (3:23)
13. Time Lapse At Milton Keynes (3:56)
14. Tales Of The Riverbank (2:02)
15. Skye Boat Song (1:35)

Total playing time: 44:17

All compositions by Steve Hackett

Bay of Kings
I had in mind a kind of slow motion dance; a galleon supported by water, rising & falling, the different speed immediately felt when you set forth on any sailboat.

The Journey
The pace is more stationary on this one. The rhythm is only suggested - the anchor remains fast.

This first appeared in 1978 on 'Please Don't Touch'. John, my brother, came up with the harmony flute line on this re-recorded version. As the title suggests, it's dedicated to a very special person.

A steel strung guitar here for a brighter tone in keeping with the title. A six string with a harmonizer - don't attempt this sort of stuff on a 12-string, you'll wind up in traction!

St. Elmo's Fire
The sea at its most restless. Both E Strings tuned down to D to get unusual chord inversions - the most dissonant of all the progressions.

Written during a rainstorm in the place of the same name in Brazil. A homage to an emerald city in an Elizabethan style.

Second Chance
Originally written as a film theme at the request of my late friend, Ralph Bates, the actor. Beautiful elegiac playing from John on flute.

Cast Adrift
An atmospheric piece. Deliberately formless for the most part but always reminiscent of places by the sea such as St. Ives… Salt Kettle… smugglers' coves. Again, with an 'early music' influence during the final fanfare.

Originally written with a nod to John Renbourn. His 'Sir John A Lot Of' was a great record: the contemporary & the classical side by side - well done John! This was the first complete piece I wrote for unaccompanied guitar & it became the flagship for all the rest of my fleet of doodles.

Black Light
The shimmering sound of this was a return to an earlier style that was once described as 'note clusters'. Arpeggios & chords that seem to become top lines; liquids appearing like solids, me hearties!

The Barren Land
Travelling through the Basque territory many years ago en route to San Sebastian it seemed as if nothing could grow on the ashen landscape, yet the people were warm & friendly. Things seemed stopped in time. No buildings, just castles in the air.

A Portuguese word meaning the calm after the storm.

Time Lapse At Milton Keynes
This was written at about the same time we had a group reunion to help Peter Gabriel. It felt great to be part of a very good team. It felt like time had stood still when we were all on that same stage again - a very emotion-charged experience. There were no stiff upper lips backstage that night.

Tales Of The Riverbank
'Tales' was a childhood favorite TV show characterised by the wonderful voice of Johnny Morris with this lovely piece used as theme music. It's based on 'Andante In C' by Giuliani & this is my own re-recorded & re-arranged version.

Skye Boat Song
This wistful melody does the same thing to me now as when I was a little lad playing it on the harmonica. A song that speaks of all the things that should have been - a lament, but also a rite-of-passage. Mother's favorite.

Steve Hackett: Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
John Hackett: Flute
Nick Magnus: Keyboards

Produced by Steve Hackett & John Acock
Recorded & mixed by John Acock & Richard Buckland
Mastered by Ian Anderson
'Time Lapse...', 'Tales Of...' & 'Skye Boat' - recorded & mixed by Richard Buckland
Produced by Steve Hackett

(P) © 1983 Camino Records

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Bay Of Kings