Disc 1

01. Spotlight Kid (6:03) (Blackmore/Glover)
02. I Surrender (5:42) (Russ Ballard)
03. Miss Mistreated (4:20) (Blackmore/David Rosenthal/Turner)
04. Street Of Dreams (4:54) (Blackmore/Turner)*
05. Jealous Lover (3:10) (Blackmore/Turner)
06. Can't Happen Here (4:14) (Blackmore/Glover)
07. Tearin' Out My Heart (8:05) (Blackmore/Turner)*
08. Since You Been Gone (3:45) (Russ Ballard)
09. Bad Girl (4:51) (Blackmore/Glover)

Total playing time: 45:10

Disc 2

01. Difficult to Cure (11:13) [Instrumental] (Blackmore/Glover/Airey)
02. Stone Cold (4:28) (Blackmore/Glover/Turner)
03. Power (4:27) (Blackmore/Glover/Turner)
04. Man On The Silver Mountain (8:18) (Blackmore/Dio)
05. Long Live Rock 'n' Roll (7:07) (Blackmore/Dio)
06. Weiss Heim (5:12) [Instrumental] (Blackmore)

Total playing time: 40:48

Ritchie Blackmore: Guitar, Bass
Graham Bonnet: Vocals
Roger Glover: Bass, Percussion
Don Airey: Keyboards
Dee Beale: Vocals, Background Vocals
Chuck Burgi: Drums
Bob Daisley: Bass
Ronnie James Dio: Vocals
Cozy Powell: Drums
Lin Robinson: Vocals, Background Vocals
Bob Rondinelli: Drums
David Rosenthal: Keyboards
Joe Lynn Turner: Vocals
David Stone: Keyboards

Produced by Martin Birch, Ritchie Blackmore, Ronnie James Dio, Roger Glover
Executive Producer: Ritchie Blackmore
Engineered by Bruce Robbins
Mastered by Greg Calbi
Mixed by Bruce Robbins
Project coordinator: Don Bernstine
Artwork: Bill Levy
Photo: Ross Halfin
Illustrations: Izumi Inoue

(P) © 1986 Polydor/Polygram International

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