01. An Old English Dream (4:41) (Brooker/Reid)
02. Shadow Boxed (3:35) (Brooker/Reid)
03. A Robe Of Silk (2:43) (Brooker/Reid)
04. The Blink Of An Eye (4:42) (Brooker/Reid)
05. The V.I.P. Room (4:55) (Brooker/Reid)
06. The Question (5:01) (Fisher/Reid)
07. This World Is Rich (for Stephen Maboe) (5:20) (Brooker/Reid)
08. Fellow Travellers (4:47) (Fisher/Reid)
09. The Wall Street Blues (4:36) (Brooker/Reid)
10. The Emperor's New Clothes (4:17) (Brooker/Reid)
11. So Far Behind (3:51) (Brooker/Reid)
12. Every Dog Will Have His Day (5:20) (Brooker/Fisher/ Reid)
13. Weisselklenzenacht (The Signature) (5:24) (Fisher)

Total playing time: 59:10

Gary Brooker: Piano, Vocals
Matthew Fisher: Organ
Geoff Whitehorn: Guitar
Mark Brzezicki: Drums, Percussion
Matt Pegg: Bass Guitar
Words by Keith Reid
Roger Taylor: Backing Vocals on 'Shadow Boxed'

Produced by Rafe McKenna & Procol Harum for Strongman Productions Ltd.
Engineering & Pro-Tools by Joshua J Macrae
Recorded & mixed at Cosford Mill Studios
Mastered by Ray Staff
Management by Chris Cooke at Lowspeak Music Ltd.

Thanks to Chris Copping for being so far behind, Chris Thomas for pointing the finger, Seb (bass) for cosmic truth, Anna & Carrie for the big sice of cake

(P) © 2003 Eagle Records

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