01. Steam (9:04) Hot Tracks mix,
      extended version remix by Lamer van Beathoven, (P) 1994
02. The Digital US Concept Mix (23:46):
      Come Talk To Me Intro/ The Angel Gabriel/
      Fourteen Black Paintings/ Steam/
      Love To Be Loved Refrain/ Love Town/
      Come Talk To Me Refrain/ Secret World/
      Only Us/ Digging In The Dirt/
      Kiss That Fog/ Washing Of The Water/
      Secret World Outro

      Mixed by Lamer van Beathoven, (P) 1994
03. Blood Of Eden (6:44)
      Special film mix for Wim Wanderers 'Until the End of the World', (P) 1993
04. Love Town (5:31) Previously unreleased, (P) 1993
05. Kiss That Frog (6:49) Mindblender Mix, (P) 1993
06. Shaking The Tree (5:57) Bottrill remix, (P) 1993
07. Digging In The Dirt (7:23) Raw Stylus mix, (P) 1992
08. Quiet Steam (6:29) Quiet version. Outtake, (P) 1992
09. Out Out (6:53) Extended version, Soundtrack from 'Gremlins I' (P) 1984

Total playing time: 78:31

(P) © 1994 New World/Angel Gabriel Ltd.

RealWorld Records

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