01. Darkness (6:51)
02. Growing Up (7:33)
03. Sky Blue (6:37)
04. No Way Out (7:53)
05. I Grieve (7:24)
06. The Barry Williams Show (7:16)
07. My Head Sounds Like That (6:29)
08. More Than This (6:02)
09. Signal To Noise (7:36)
10. The Drop (3:03)

Total playing time: 66:48

    1. Darkness

    Drums: Manu Katche, Dave Power
    Percussion: Mahut Dominique, Ged Lynch, Richard Chappell
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Guitars: David Rhodes
    The London Session Orchestra: Strings
    String Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Will Gregory
    Orchestration: Nick Ingham
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Additional Programming: Alex Swift
    Bosendorfer, Mutator, Keys, JamMan, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    2. Growing Up

    Drums: Ged Lynch, Manu Katche
    Percussion: Ged Lynch
    Guitars: David Rhodes
    Backing Vocals: AD Chivers, David Rhodes
    Tape Scratching: Tchad Blake
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Additional Programming: Pete Davis, Alex Swift
    Organ, Sample Keys, Bass Keys, JamMan and MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    Additional Production by Steve Osborne

    3. Sky Blue

    Drums: Manu Katche
    Percussion: Ged Lynch, Daniel Lanois
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Guitars: David Rhodes, Daniel Lanois, Peter Green
    Hammond: David Sancious
    Additional Vocals: The Blind Boys Of Alabama
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Additional Programming: Alex Swift
    Backing Vocals: David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel
    Firefly Keys, Bosendorfer, Bass Pulse, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    Samples taken from original track produced by Daniel Lanois & engineered by David Bottrill

    4. No Way Out

    Drums: Dominic Greensmith, Steve Gadd
    Tablas: Hossam Ramzy
    Percussion: Ged Lynch
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Double Bass: Danny Thompson
    Guitars: David Rhodes
    Supercollider Drum Programming: Chris Hughes
    Middle Section Backwards Piano: Mitchell Froome
    Recorders: Richard Evans
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Piano, Sample Keys, Harmonium, Tom Toms, Crotales, JamMan, Arpeggiated Bass, Telecaster, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    5. I Grieve

    Drums: Manu Katche
    Percussion: Ged Lynch, Will White, Stephen Hague
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Electric Guitar: David Rhodes
    Acoustic Guitar: Richard Evans
    Double Violin (Improvised): Shankar
    Spectre Programming: Chuck Norman
    Bridge Strings: Chuck Norman
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Samples, Keys, Bass Keys: Peter Gabriel

    Produced by Peter Gabriel & Stephen Hague
    Mixed by Stephen Hague & Richard Evans

    6. The Barry Williams Show

    Drums: Manu Katche, Ged Lynch
    Percussion: Ged Lynch
    Guitar: David Rhodes
    Backwards Guitar: Tony Berg
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Trumpet: Christian Le Chevretel
    Backing Vocals: David Rhodes, Sally Larkin
    Groove Treatment: Tchad Blake
    Treated Loop: Richard Chappell
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Reverse Strings, Mellotron, Organ, Bass Keys, Harmonica, Chorus Telecaster, String Samples, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    7. My Head Sounds Like That

    Drums: Manu Katche
    Percussion: Assane Thiam, Ged Lynch, Mahut Dominique, Hossam Ramzy
    Guitars: David Rhodes
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Brass: The Black Dyke Mills Band
    Brass Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Ed Shearmur, Bob Ezrin
    Loop Manipulation: Richard Chappell
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Piano, Mellotron: Peter Gabriel

    8. More Than This

    Drums: Dominic Greensmith, Ged Lynch
    Percussion: Ged Lynch
    Guitar: David Rhodes
    Bass: Tony Levin
    Mandolin, Chamberlain: John Brion
    Backing vocals: The Blind Boys of Alabama, David Rhodes, Melanie Gabriel
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Organ, Sampled Guitar, Piano, Wonky Nord, Mutator, MPC Groove: Peter Gabriel

    9. Signal To Noise

    Drums: Steve Gadd
    Dohl Drums: The Dohl Foundation
    Percussion: Ged Lynch, Steve Gadd
    Guitars: David Rhodes
    Strings: The London Session Orchestra
    String Arrangement: Peter Gabriel, Will Gregory
    Orchestration: Nick Ingham
    Additional Vocals: Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
    Backing Vocals: David Rhodes
    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Oxford Backwards Samples, Mellotron, SansAmp, MPC Groove, Bass Keys: Peter Gabriel

    10. The Drop

    Programming: Richard Chappell
    Bosendorfer: Peter Gabriel

    Mixed by Richard Chappell

Words & music by PG
Produced by PG except 2 & 5
Mixed by Tchad Blake except 5 & 10
Recorded & engineered by Richard Chappell
Addditional engineering: Richard Evans
Mastered at Metropolis by Tony Cousins

Assistant engineers: Alan Coleman, Edel Griffith, Dan Roe, Chris Treble
Mix assistant: Claire Lewis
Add. mix assistance: Marco Magliari, Paul Grady

Recorded & mixed at Real World Studios, Box, England
Add. recording on the Meduse & the Real World Mobile Recorder in Senegal & France

Add. recording & engineering:
Co-engineering on band recording sessions: Ben Findlay
The London Session Orchestra At Air Lyndhurst, England: Steve Orchard
The Blind Boys of Alabama, Hype Studios, Singapore: Derek Zuzarte assisted by Kevin Quah & Yang
The Black Dyke Band at Air Lyndhurst: Steve McLaughlin

The Blind Boys of Alabama:
Clarence Fountain, Jimmy Carter, George Scott & Joey Williams

The Dhol Foundation:
Master drummer: Johnny Kalsi
Bobby Punesar, Vijay Rakkar, Yash Puri, Johnny Kalsi, Jas Daffu & Indi Chana

Co-ordination, planning & general advice: Mike Large & Michael Thomas
Assistant to PG: Annie Parsons

A Real World design
Graphic design: Marc Bessant
Photo research & co-ordination: Dilly Gant
Design co-ordination: Susie Millns
Design concept: Marc Bessant & PG
Sleeve photo: Susan Derges (front cover 'The Observer & The Observed: Peter' back inlay 'Catching The Light'.
reverse of Booklet 'Liquid Form') © Peter Gabriel Ltd./ Susan Derges

Songs photo illustrations:
1. 'Prague' by Arno Raphael Makkinen
2. 'Waterbabies' by M. Richard Kirstel
3. ' Hateruma Island' by Shomei Tomatsu
4. 'A Few Days In Geneva' by Mari Mahr
5. 'Melted Beer Bottle After The Atomic Explosion 1945m Nagasaki' by Shomei Tomatsu
6. 'Regardez Mme! L'Escargot Vola' by Paul Thorel
7. 'Model 5' a performance by Granular Synthesis featuring Akemi Takeya
8. 'Hermetica' by Susan Derges
9. 'Falling In The Field' by Michal Rovner
10 'Untitled' by Adam Fuss

This is a Real World Production

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(P) © 2002 Peter Gabriel Ltd. licenced exclusively to Virgin Records Ltd.

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