Music for 'The Last Temptation Of Christ', a film by Martin Scorsese

01. The Feeling Begins (4:00)
02. Gethsemane (1:25)
03. Of These, Hope (3:52)
04. Lazarus Raised (1:37)
05. Of These, Hope - Reprise (2:42)
06. In Doubt (1:33)
07. A Different Drum (4:40)
08. Zaar (4:52)
09. Troubled (2:53)
10. Open (3:25)+
11. Before Night Falls (2:19)
12. With This Love (3:35)
13. Sandstorm (3:00)
14. Stigmata (2:30)++
15. Passion (7:36)
16. With This Love - Choir (3:22)
17. Wall Of Breath (2:29)
18. The Promise Of Shadows (2:11)
19. Disturbed (3:43)
20. It Is Accomplished (2:51)
21. Bread And Wine (2:22)

Total playing time: 66:53

1. The Feeling Begins
    Peter Gabriel: Synthesizers, Shakers, Skins, Surdu
    Manny Elias: Octabans, Surdu, Skins
    Hossam Ramzy: Finger Cymbals, Tabla, Dufs
    David Bottrill: Drone Mix
    David Rhodes: Guitar
    Shankar: Double Violin
    Vatche Housepian, Antranik Askarian: Armenian Doudouk
    * 1 the Doudouk is playing an Armenian melody; 'The Wind Subsides' (see note)
2. Gethsemane
    Peter Gabriel: Flute Samples, Flute, Voices
3. Of These, Hope
    Peter Gabriel: Bass, Percussion, Flute Whistle, Prophet 5
    Massamba Dlop: Talking Drum
    Shankar: Double Violin
    David Rhodes: Guitar
    Mustafa Abdel Aziz: Arghul Drone
4. Lazarus Raised
    Peter Gabriel: Piano, Akai S900
    David Rhodes: Guitars
    players unknown: Kurdish Duduk & Tenbur
    * 2 this piece incorporates a traditional melody from Kurdistan telling of the unhappy love of a young girl for Bave Seyro, a legendary warrior (see note)
5. Of These, Hope (reprise)
    Peter Gabriel: Bass, Percussion, Flute Whistle, Prophet 5
    Massamba Dlop: Talking Drum
    Shankar: Double Violin
    David Rhodes: Guitar
    Mustafa Abdel Aziz: Arghul Drone
    Baaba Maal: Vocals
    Fatala: additional Percussion
6. In Doubt
    Peter Gabriel: Audioframe, Fairlight Samples, Vocals
    Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh: Kementchu
7. A Different Drum
    Peter Gabriel: Surdu, Percussion, Audioframe, Prophet 5, Voice
    Doudou N'Daiye Rose: Percussion loop - four bars
    Fatala: Percussion loop - three bars
    Shankar: Double Violin
    Youssou N'Dour: Voice
    David Sancious: Backing Vocals
8. Zaar
    Peter Gabriel: Surdu, additional Percussion, Audioframe Akai S900, Voice
    Hossam Ramzy: Tambourines, Dufs, Tabla, Finger Cymbals, Triangle
    Nathan East: Bass
    David Rhodes: Guitar
    Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh: Kementchu
    Shankar: Double Violin
    This was written around a traditional Egyptian rhythm which is performed to fend off evil spirits
9. Troubled
    Peter Gabriel: Percussion, Fairlight, Emulator, Backing Vocals
    Bill Cobham: Drums, Percussion
    Hossam Ramzy: Finger Cymbals
    David Sancious: Backing Vocals
10. Open +
    Peter Gabriel: Prophet 5, Akai S900, Vocals
    Shankar: Double Violin, Vocals
    Based on an improvisation by Shankar & Peter Gabriel
11. Before Night Falls
    Hossam Ramzy: Finger Cymbals, Tabla, Dufs
    Kudsi Erguner: Ney Flute (playing a traditional Armenian melody)
    Shankar: Double Violin
12. With This Love
    Peter Gabriel: Audioframe, Fairlight, Piano, Prophet 5, Synthesizer arrangement
    Robin Canter: Oboe, Cor Anglais
    Shankar: Double Violin
    David Sancious: Akai S900, Synthesizer Arrangement
13. Sandstorm
    Peter Gabriel: Fairlight
    Hossam Ramzy: Surdu, Tabla, Tambourine Dufs, Mazhar
    Manu Katché: additional Percussion
    Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh: Kementch?
    Shankar: Double Violin
    Location recording: Moroccan Percussion & Vocals
14. Stigmata ++
    Peter Gabriel: Prophet 5, Voice
    Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh: Kementchu
    Based on improvisation by Mahmoud & Peter Gabriel
15. Passion
    Peter Gabriel: Prophet 5, Akai S900, Fairlight, Voice
    Djalma Correa: Brazilian Percussion
    Jon Hassell: Trumpet
    Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan: Qawwali Voice
    Shankar: Double Violin
    Youssou N'Dour: Voice
    Julian Wilkins: Choirboy
16. With This Love (choir)
    Robin Canter: Cor Anglais
    Richard Evans: Choir recording
17. Wall Of Breath
    Peter Gabriel: Synthesizers
    Kudsi Erguner: Turkish Ney Flute
    Shankar: Double Violin
    Musicians Du Nil: Arghul
    David Rhodes: Ebow Guitar
18. The Promise Of Shadows
    Peter Gabriel: Emulator, Prophet 5, Audioframe, additional Percussion
    Bill Cobham: Drum Kit
    David Bottrill: Lead Tambourine
    David Rhodes: Guitar
19. Disturbed
    Peter Gabriel: Fairlight, Prophet 5
    Hossam Ramzy: Surdu, Tabla
    Mustafa Abdel Aziz, Said Mohammad Aly: Percussion loop
    Fatala: African Percussion
    Shankar: Double Violin
20. It Is Accomplished
    Peter Gabriel: Doholla, additional Percussion, Roland D-50, Piano, Prophet 5, Voice
    Bill Cobham: Drums, Tambourine
    David Bottrill: Tambourine 2, Distorted Slide
    Nathan East: Bass
    Mustafa Abdel Aziz: Arghul Drone
    David Sancious: Hammond Organ
    David Rhodes: Steinberger Guitar
21. Bread And Wine
    Peter Gabriel: Contrabass, Prophet 5, Voice
    David Rhodes: Ebow Guitar
    Richard Evans: Tin Whistle
    Shankar: Double Violin

Note: All * denote selections from existing recordings of traditional music.
* 1 Armenian Doudouks recorded for Ocora Records under the Direction of Robert Ataian.
* 2 Kurdish Duduks are from UNESCO Collection - A Musical Anthology Of The Orient, General Editor Alain Danielou for Musicaphon Records.

Compositions by Peter Gabriel with the exception of + Peter Gabriel & Shankar
++ Peter Gabriel & Mahmoud Tabrizi Zadeh

Published by Peter Gabriel Ltd. with the exception of + Peter Gabriel Ltd/ Ganesh Music
++ Peter Gabriel Ltd/Copyright Control

Bill Cobham appears courtesy of Rhythmatix, Ltd.
Nathan East appears courtesy of Eastern Star Productions
John Hassell appears courtesy of Opal Records
Youssou N'Dour appears courtesy of Virgin Records
David Rhodes appears courtesy Self Control Ltd
Shankar appears courtesy of The Epidemics & Polydor Records.

Produced by Peter Gabriel
Engineered by David Bottrill
Mastered by Ian Cooper, Town House Cutting Room
Mixed by David Bottrill & Peter Gabriel
Recorded at Real World Studios, London
General manager: Michael Large
Studio manager: David Taraskevics
Assisted by Richard, Chappell, Aaron Denson, Richard Evans
Maintenance: Neil Perry, Alan Smart
Assistant to Peter Gabriel: Anne Parsons
Artist management by Gailforce, Gail Colson
Assisted by Norma Bishop, Louise Allen

Special thanks to Lucy Duran & The National Sound Archive for recommending & introducing me to much wonderful music & Cathy Oudemans for help with clearances. Thanks to Pierre Toureille & Ocora Records for their support & help. Thanks also to Barbara De Fina, Brian Eddolls, Tom Fleishman, Julia Judge, Todd Kasow, David Leonard, Skip Lievsay, Betsy Marino, Geraldine Peroni, Thelma Schoonmaker, & to Universal Films: Burt Berman & Tom Pollock

Audioframe USA: Gus Skinas, Gary Rosen, Sal Perla
Programming assistance: Steve McLaughlin
Effanel Music Inc: Randy Ezratty, Mark Shane, John Harris, Brian Kingman

Front cover: Drawing study for Self Image II. From an 8 part series. Charcoal/Graphite/Pastel/Acrylic/Bitumen/Beeswax/Straw & Flower Petals on Paper, 1987. Julian Grater
Back cover: Polarised light micrograph of resorcinol *150 by James Bell/Science Photo Library
Inside: film stills by Mario Tursi, courtesy of Universal Pictures
Design: Mouat @ Assorted images

    I have put 2 albums around the music of 'The Last Temptation Of Christ'. This album is my work, the other, Passion Sources, represents a selection of some of the traditional music, sources of inspiration & location recordings.
    I was excited to be asked to work on the music. When I first discussed the project with Martin Scorsese in 1983 I wanted to find out how he was intending to film this controversial novel. He wanted to present the struggle between the humanity & divinity of Christ in a powerful & original way, & I was convinced by this commitment to the spiritual content & message. He's an excellent & very musical director & working with him has been a great experience.
    After we finished mixing the film, there were some unfinished ideas that needed developing, & I took some extra time to complete this record. There are several pieces that were not able to be included in the film & I felt the record should be able to stand as a separate body of work. I chose the working title for the film - Passion
    We recorded some of the finest singers & soloists in the field of world music & set the score on a backdrop of traditional North African rhythms & sounds. It was a wonderful experience working with such different & idiosyncratic musicians. They came from Pakistan, Turkey, India, Ivory Coast, Bahrain, Egypt, New Guinea, Morocco, Senegal & Ghana. For many of them working with this material was something quite new & they were very enthusiastic. The soundtrack is full of the spirit of their performances.

(P) 1989 Virgin Records Ltd.
© 1989 RealWorld/Virgin Records Ltd.

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