PETER GABRIEL   soundtrack   BIRDY
Warning: this record contains re-cycled material & no lyrics

01. At Night (2:46)
02. Floating Dogs (3:02)
03. Quiet And Alone (2:35)
04. Close Up (from 'Family Snapshot') (0:55)
05. Slow Water (2:54)
06. Dressing The Wound (4:10)
07. Birdy's Flight (from 'Not One Of Us') (3:03)
08. Slow Marimbas (3:24)
09. The Heat (from 'Rhythm Of The Heat') (4:47)
10. Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice (3:09)
11. Under Lock And Key (from 'Wallflower') (2:27)
12. Powerhouse At The Foot Of The Mountain (from 'San Jacinto') (2:24)

Total playing time: 35:36

Produced by Peter Gabriel & Daniel Lanois

This is a Real World production

All titles written & performed by Peter Gabriel
with special musical contributions from:
Jon Hassell
The Drummers Of Ekome
Larry Fast
Tony Levin
Jerry Marotta
David Rhodes

with additional material performed by:
Manny Elias, Morris Pert, & John Giblin

Recorded & mixed in the Real World, England
Additional engineering: David Stallbaumer
Management: Gail Colson, Gailforce, London, assisted by Norma Bishop
Assistant to Peter Gabriel: Amanda Harcourt

'BIRDY' (the movie):
Tri-Star Pictures presents an Alan Parker film 'Birdy'
An A&M Films Production
Matthew Modine & Nicolas Cage
Music by Peter Gabriel
Production Designer Geoffrey Kirklan
Director of Photography Michael Seresin
Executive Producer: David Manson
Based upon the novel 'Birdy' by William Wharton
Screenplay by Sandy Kroopf & Jack Behr
Produced by Alan Marshall
Directed by Alan Parker
A Tri-Star Release © 1984 Tri-Star Pictures

    When I was asked to do this soundtrack, the intention was to build it out of elements of existing tracks. Some of these Alan had already chosen.
    We worked for a couple of weeks with unorthodox explorations of some of the sounds, rhythms & themes of existing tracks. This provided many moods but I felt some new material was needed as well. So, what you have here, is a combination of both.
    For those people who know my records, I have included (in brackets) the titles which have been obviously raided. I do not wish anyone to be deceived by the sleeve. However, I am not revealing all my sources. I leave that for your detection.
    Three of these tracks did not make it to the last round - the film. But the music on this record was chosen to make a compatible collection of moods.
    I'd like to thank the two Alans, Parker & Marshall, for guidance & encouragement. I'd also like to thank my musical co-producer, Daniel Lanois, who, with patience & an endless supply of wonderful treatments, did some excellent work on this record.
    I'm very pleased to have done this soundtrack for my first attempt at a score. Birdy is a special film. -PG

(P) © 1984 Charisma Records Ltd.

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