WHEN THE WIND BLOWS   soundtrack
Music for the cartoon, directed by Raymond Briggs

01. When The Wind Blows (3:35) (performed by David Bowie)
02. Facts And Figures (4:19) (performed by Hugh Cornwell)
03. The Brazilian (4:52) (performed by Genesis)
04. What Have They Done (3:38) (performed by Squeeze)
05. The Shuffle (4:17) (performed by Paul Hardcastle)
06. The Russian Missile (0:10)
07. Towers Of Faith (6:44)
08. Hilda's Dream (1:51)
09. The American Bomber (0:08)
10. The Anderson Shelter (1:13)
11. The British Submarine (0:13)
12. The Attack (2:54)
13. The Fall Out (2:10)
14. Hilda's Hair (4:14)
15. Folded Flags (4:49)

Total playing time: 45:09

Tracks 6-15 (LP side B) performed by
Roger Waters & The Bleeding Heart Band:

Roger Waters: Vocals
Matt Irving: Keyboards
Nick Glenny-Smith: Keyboards
Jay Stapley: Electric Guitar
John Linwood: Linn Programming
Freddie Krc: Drums
Mel Collins: Saxophone
John Gordon: Bass
Clare Torry: Vocal on 'Towers Of Faith'
Paul Carrack: Guest Vocal on 'Folded Flags'

Peggy Ashcroft: Hilda
John Mills: Jim
James Russell: Russian Soldier
David Dundas & Matt Irving: British Submariners

Produced by Roger Waters
Co-produced & engineered by Nick Griffiths for Dodgy Productions
Assistant engineer: Colin Lyon

Front cover illustrations: 1986 Meltdown Ltd.
Photomontage: Peter Kennard
Sleeve design: Assorted Images

Music supervisor: Ray Williams

(P) © 1986 Virgin Records

Virgin Records
cover may vary