01. Chapter 24 (3:36)
02. Matilda Mother (3:03)
03. Arnold Layne (2:51) A-side single
04. Candy And A Currant Bun (2:38) (Barrett) B-side of 'Arnold Layne'
05. Scarecrow (2:07) B-side of 'See Emily Play'
06. Apples And Oranges (3:01) (Barrett) A-side single
07. It Would Be So Nice (3:39) (Wright) A-side single
08. Paint Box (3:27) B-side of 'Apples And Oranges'
09. Julia Dream (2:28) B-side of 'It Would Be So Nice'
10. See Emily Play (2:50) A-side single

Total playing time: 30:20

  Pink Floyd (PF) are nowadays referred to as the inventors of 'comic rock'. Many of the groups that now use futuristic sounds & effects in their music were influenced by PF.
  PF appeared on the scene in 1996, consisting of the graduates Roger Waters, Nick Mason, Rick Wright & Syd Barrett, the latter being responsible for the first, self-composed, titles released by the band.
  Barrett founded an entirely new sound that was unknown up till then. He was the one to first use technical effects, & he developed them in such a way so as they became a fully integrated part of the music & stage presentation. One of the most important & dramatic parts of their entire performance is the use of technical effects that emphasize their music so accurately.
  The initial successes of the group were hard fought for, mainly because PF presented themselves in small clubs that were just not made for their terrific stage-show. They were first publicly recognized due to their single releases 'Arnold Layne' & 'See Emily Play' that both hit the UK charts. The group moved away from chart compositions, however, & in the course of the following 2 years they gradually perfected their style of music as well as their individual musical identities.
  In 1968 Syd Barrett left the formation to realize his own musical ambitions. David Gilmour took his place within the group. After his change of membership PF continued to strive yet again for methods of presentations. At this time PF travelled with no less than 6 1/2 tons of equipment through Europe's concert halls. Each one of their public appearances were looked upon as an experiment which was to be participated in by their audiences. It was possible then as it's today for the fans to utterly lose themselves in the group's psychedelic & meditative music, & last but not least, their unique lighttrip. By means of their terrific expenditure in technical effects PF can offer the illusion of a trip through time & space, an experience that has never lost any of its fascination.
  Lately PF have restricted their activities to one or two annual public performances & very few recording. A film starring PF was completed recently & constitutes one more step in the development of their career. Every record, every show, represents the peak of what the group has to offer at that particular time.
  It can thus be said that PF are considered pioneers of the pop era not only from beginning but also today.

(P) © 1974 EMI Electrola GmbH, Germany

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