01. Radio Waves (4:58)
02. Who Needs Information (5:55)
03. Me Or Him (5:23)
04. The Powers That Be (4:36)
05. Sunset Strip (4:45)
06. Home (6:00)
07. Four Minutes (4:00)
08. The Tide Is Turning (After Live Aid) (5:44)

Total playing time: 41:21

Non-album tracks:

The Fish Report With A Beat [radio talk intro]
Going To Live In L.A. [1987 b-side 'Radio Waves']
Get Back To Radio [1987 b-side to 'The Tide Is Turning']
Molly's Song [1987 b-side 'Who Needs Information', vocals by Doreen Chanter]

Words & music by Roger Waters

All titles produced by Ian Ritchie & Roger Waters except 'Me or Him' & 'The Powers That Be' produced by Ian Ritchie, Nick Griffiths & Roger Waters

Engineered by Chris Sheldon
Assistant engineers: Paul Batchelor, Kevin Whyte, Colin Lyon

Performed by The Bleeding Heart Band

Roger Waters: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, the odd Keyboard, including the Shakuhachi on 'Me or Him'
Andy Fairweather-Low: Electric guitars
Jay Stapley: Electric guitars
Mel Collins: Saxophones
Ian Ritchie: Fairlight Programming, Drum Programming, Piano, Keyboards
Graham Broad: Drums & Percussion
John Linwood: Drums on 'Powers That Be'
Nick Glenny-Smith: DX7 & Emu on 'Powers That Be', including the great Bass line
Matt Irving: Hammond Organ on 'Powers That Be'
Paul Carrack: Guest Vocal on 'Powers That Be' (appears courtesy of Chrysalis Records)
Clare Torry: Guest Vocals on 'Home' & 'Four Minutes'
Suzanne Rhatigan: Main Backing Vocals on 'Radio Waves', 'Me Or Him' 'Sunset Strip' & 'The Tide Is Turning'
Kate Kissoon, Doreen Chanter, Madeline Bell, Steve Langer & Vicky Brown: Backing Vocals on 'Who Needs Information', 'Powers That Be' & 'Radio Waves'
Horn section on 'Who Needs Information' & 'Powers That Be':
Ian Ritchie: Tenor Saxophone
John Phirkell: Trumpet
Peter Thoms: Trombone
Arranged by Ian Ritchie
Horn section on 'Sunset Strip':
Mel Collins: Multiple Saxes
Ian Ritchie: Tenor Sax
John Phirkell: Trumpet
Peter Thoms: Trombone
Arranged by Roger Waters
The Pontardoulais Male Voice Choir, led by Noel Davis arranged by Eric Jones

The Characters:

Jim Ladd: Jim
Andy Quigley: the "Forgive me, Father" speech
California weirdos:
Shelly Ladd: Monkey and Dog lady
Jack Snyder: Guppy
Ron Weldy: I don't like fish
J.J. Jackson: Flounder
Jim Rogers: Doesn't like fish, marine fish
John Taylor: Shellfish Shrimp Crab Lobster
Stuart the spaniel: played Uncle David's Great Dane, with the help of an AKAI 900 sampler and a DX7 to make him sound bigger
BBC Master computer: Billy
Harry & India Waters: children in the garden

Special thanks to Carolyne, Peter Rudge, Andy & Linda Quigley, Chris Elmore & Mr Butcher for their constant support, Nick Griffiths for all his work pre-production, & Pat "Paraquat" Kelly, Cynthia Fox & all the ex KMET staff for the fish report with a beat.

Sleeve design: Kate Hepburn & Pearce Marchbank with thanks to Mark Fisher & Jonathan Park

Pre-production & programming at the Skylight Suite
Recorded in the Billiard Room October - December 1986
Mixed at Odyssey February - March 1987

Published by Roger Waters Music Ltd./ Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd.

Roger Waters is managed by Peter Rudge

This record is dedicated to all those who find themselves at the violent end of monetarism

(P) © 1987 Roger Waters Music Ltd. under licence to EMI Records Ltd.

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Notes & Lyrics