Disc 1

01. Master Of Ceremonies (1:13)
02. In The Flesh (3:00)
03. The Thin Ice (2:49)
04. Another Brick In The Wall, Part I (4:12)
05. The Happiest Days Of Our Lives (1:39)
06. Another Brick In The Wall, Part II (6:19)
07. Mother (7:54)
08. Goodbye Blue Sky (3:14)
09. Empty Spaces (2:14)
10. What Shall We Do Now? (1:40)
11. Young Lust (5:16)
12. One Of My Turns (3:41)
13. Don't Leave Me Now (4:07)
14. Another Brick In The Wall, Part III (1:15)
15. The Last Few Bricks (3:25)
16. Goodbye Cruel World (1:41)

Total playing time: 53:49

Disc 2

01. Hey You (4:55)
02. Is There Anybody Out There? (3:09)
03. Nobody Home (3:15)
04. Vera (1:27)
05. Bring The Boys Home (1:20)
06. Comfortably Numb (7:26)
07. The Show Must Go On (2:34)
08. Master Of Ceremonies (0:37)
09. In The Flesh (4:22)
10. Run Like Hell (7:05)
11. Waiting For The Worms (4:13)
12. Stop (0:32)
13. The Trial (6:01)
14. Outside The Wall (4:28)

Total playing time: 51:30

David Gilmour
Nick Mason
Roger Waters
Richard Wright

Andy Bown: Bass
Snowy White: Guitar (1980)
Andy Roberts: Guitar (1981)
Willie Wilson: Drums
Peter Woods: Keyboards
John Joyce, Stan Farber, Jim Haas, Joe Chemay: Backing Vocals
Gary Yudman: MC (Master of Ceremonies)

Written by Roger Waters except 'Young Lust' by Waters/Gilmour, 'Comfortably Numb' & 'Run Like Hell' by Gilmour/Waters, 'The Trial' by Waters/Ezrin All lyrics by Roger Waters

All songs published by Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd. except 'Young Lust', 'Comfortably Numb' & 'Run Like Hell' published by Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd. & Roger Waters Music Overseas Ltd

Recorded Live August, 1980 & June 1981 at Earls Court in London, England

Album produced & mixed by James Guthrie
Technical support & synchronization: Nigel Taylor
Digital masonry: Christopher Brooks
Assistant engineer: Joel Plante
Recorded by Doug Hopkins & James Guthrie
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab
Interviews conducted & edited by Nick Sedgwick

Cover design by Storm Thorgerson
with Peter Curzon & Sam Brooks
Graphics by Peter Curzon & Richard Evans
Photo by Brian D. McLaughlin, Jill Furmanovsky, David Brownlow, Mick Treadwell, Mark Fisher

Pink Floyd management: Steve O'Rourke, EMKA Productions
Roger Waters management: Mark Fenwick, MFM


Written & directed by Roger Waters
Musical director: David Gilmour
Stage design: Mark Fisher, Jonathan Park
Art direction: Gerald Scarfe
Sound mixing: James Guthrie
Sound company: Britannia Row Audio Inc.
FOH sound engineers: Greg Walsh, Rick Hart
Monitor engineers: Seth Goldman
Sound crew cheief: Robbie Williams
Sound crew: Chas Braithwaite, Nigel Taylor, Gerry Fradley, Jerry Wing, Steve Baton, Robin Fox, Eric Barnes, Andy Quigley, Mike Johnson, Kevin McCaffrey
Band equipmemnt Crew: Keith Lamon, Paul Riordan, Kick Collins, Mike Rodgers, Colin Lyon, Clive Brooks
Lighting company: Britannia Row Lighting Inc.
Lighting designer: Marc Brickman
Lighting crew chief: Graeme Fleming
Lighting crew: Mick Treadwell, Jed Frost, Graham "Oz" Osbourne, Roger Measham, Jethro Anderson, Giles Gibson

Design & direction: Gerald Scarfe
Asst. director: Michael Stuart
Asst. art director: Jill Brooks
Animation: Michael Stuart, Bll Magee, Greg Miller, Chris Caunter
Editing: Tony Fish, Peter Hearn
Camera: Julien Holdaway, Richard Wolf Production Supervisor: Lance Paul

Projection: Andy Shields
Staging & Set Carpenters: Chris Teuber (USA), Jeff Page, Don Joce, Pete Crockford, Loopy Lefevre, Paul Winstanley

Wall Crew: Jonathan Park, Mark Fisher, Phil Crossland, Craig Stanley, Ricky Newton, Mike Webber, Brian Hunt, Steve Leary, Scott Goodwin
Rigging: Rocky Paulson (USA), Brent Anderson (USA), Charlie Boxhall, Les Squire
Wardrobe: Pat Griffiths
Special thanks: Stanley Miller, Sandra McIntosh, Rosie Baillie, Fiona Fitzherbert

(P) © 2000 EMI Records Ltd.

Is There Anybody Out There?