01. Hire And Fire (5:10) (Rankin/Agnew/McCafferty)
02. Do You Wanna Play House (5:02) (Rankin)
03. Right Between The Eyes (3:06) (Rankin)
04. Every Time It Rains (4:15) (Rankin)
05. Keeping Our Love Alive (3:18) (Sweet/Rankin/Agnew/McCafferty)
06. Thinkin' Man's Nightmare (4:10) (Sweet/Rankin/Agnew/McCafferty)
07. Cover Your Heart (Rankin) (4:33)
08. Lap Of Luxury (3:55) (Sweet/Rankin/Agnew/McCafferty)
09. Medley:
    a. The Rowan Tree (4:25) (trad.arr. Agnew/McCafferty/Sweet/Rankin)
    b. Tell Me That You Love Me (4:33) (Sweet/Rankin/Agnew/McCafferty)
10. Cry Wolf (4:28) (Rankin/McCafferty)

Total playing time: 46:04

Bonus tracks:

11. This Flight Tonight (3:37) (1991 version)
12. Hire And Fire (edit)
13. Medley: The Rowan Tree/Tell Me That You Love Me (edit)

Dan McCafferty: Vocals
Pete Agnew: Bass Guitar, Backing Vocals
Darrell Sweet: Drums, Marching Drum
Billy Rankin: Guitars, Backing Vocals

Peter Bizarrre: Keyboards, Vocals
Roland Peil: Percussion

Arranged by Nazareth
Produced by Nazareth
Executive producers: Mickey Berresheim & Alfie Falckenbach
Engineered by Ian Remmer
Mixed by Mike Ging
Recorded & mixed at CAS Studios, St. Ingebert-Schuren, Germany, Summer 1991
Mastered by Ian Cooper at Townhouse Studio, London
Compiled & edited on Akai DD1000. Thanks to Akai Germany

Cover art concept: Nazareth
Art direction, design & illustrations by Eric Philippe
Photographs by Johnstone Syer

(P) © 1991 Mausoleum

Original sound recording owned by Nazareth (Dunfermline) Ltd.
Issued under exclusive license to Eagle Records
A division of Eagle Rock Entertainment Plc
Distributed & marketed in Russia/CIS by BMG Russia

Eagle Records/ BMG Russia
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