01. Holiday (3:32) (Agnew/Cleminson/Charlton/McCafferty/Sweet)
02. Showdown At The Border (4:07) (Cleminson)
03. Talkin' To One Of The Boys (4:06) (Agnew/Cleminson/McCafferty)
04. Heart's Grown Cold (4:09) (Cleminson)
05. Fast Cars (4:29) (McCafferty/Cleminson/Charlton/Agnew/Sweet)
06. Big Boy (3:11) (Cleminson)
07. Talkin' 'Bout Love (3:53) (McCafferty/Cleminson/Agnew/Sweet/Baxter/Charlton)
08. Fallen Angel (4:34) (McCafferty/Cleminson/Charlton/Agnew/Sweet)
09. Ship Of Dreams (4:00) (Charlton)
10. Turning A New Leaf (3:49) (McCafferty/Agnew/Cleminson/Sweet/Charlton)

Total playing time: 40:19

Bonus tracks:

11. Holiday (3:20) (single edit)
12. Ship Of Dreams (3:05) (single edit)
13. Heart's Grown Cold (3:54) (live)
14. Talkin' To One Of The Boys (4:45) (live 7" EP version)
15. Showdown At The Border (4:07) (live)
16. Holiday (3:25) (live)
17. Heart's Grown Cold (4:21) (live 7" EP)

Total time inc. bonus tracks: 66:56

Dan McCafferty: nysse singer
Manny Charlton: Guitars
Pete Agnew: Bass Guitar, also nysse singer
Darrell Sweet: Drums
Zal Cleminson: Guitar & Synthesizer

Jeff Baxter: a little bit of Guitar & Synthesizer
Paulinho Da Costa: Percussion on 3 & 10 (courtesy of Pablo Records)
Venetta Fields, Sherley Mattews, Paulette Brown: Backing Vocals on 4
Alan Estes: Vibes on 5
Terry & The Semiconductor: Backing Vocals on 6

Produced by Jeff Baxter
Arranged by Jeff Baxter & Nazareth
Strings arrangements for 'Fallen Angel': Greg Mathieson
Recorded by Kim King
Assistant engineer: Benjamin Hercules Armbrister
Additional overdubs: Jack Nubber, Joe Robb
Mixed at Cherokee Studios by Bruce Robb
Assistant engineer: Larold Rabhun
SMPTE equipment 'John & Martha': Canyon Recorders
Customs signals processing equipment: Roland Industries
Production assistant: Shari Inoue
Mastered at A & M Recording Studios by Frank De Luna
Published by Nazareth (Dunfermline) Ltd. except 6 by Universal Music Publishing Ltd.

Originally released by Mountain Records (UK), 1980

Re-released by Eagle Records
A division of Eagle Rock Entertainment Plc
Distributed & marketed in Russia/CIS by BMG Russia

Eagle Records/ BMG Russia
Malice In Wonderland