01. The Song Of The Sun (4:30) (Bieito Romero)
02. Celtic Rain (4:38) (Oldfield)
03. The Hero (4:58) (trad., arr. Oldfield)
04. Women Of Ireland (6:26) (trad., arr. Oldfield)
05. The Voyager (4:22) (Oldfield)
06. She Moves Through The Fair (4:03) (trad.,arr.Oldfield)
07. Dark Island (5:40) (trad.,arr.Oldfield)
08. Wild Goose Flaps Its Wings (5:02) (Oldfield)
09. Flowers Of The Forest (5:59) (Oldfield)
10. Mont St. Michel (12:16) (Oldfield)

Total playing time: 58:00

Mike Oldfield
Maire Breatnach: Fiddle
London Voices
: Choir
Noel Eccles
: Percussion
Liam O' Flynn
: Uillean pipes
Highland Pipers
Seam Keane
: Fiddle
London Symphony Orchestra
Matt Molloy
: Flutes, Tin Whistles
John Myers
: Tin Whistle, Fiddle
David Spillane
: Uillean Pipes, Low Whistle
Pat Walsh

Written, produced & engineered by Mike Oldfield (except track 1)
Assistant engineers: Gregg Jackman, Tom Newman
Technical engineer: Richard Barrie
Arrangement by Robin Smith on 'Mont St Michel'
Add. programming: Henry Jackman

Recorded at Roughwood Studios
Orchestra recorded at Air Studios (Lyndhurst) Ltd.

Special thanks to: Clive Banks, Moira Bellas & Jeremy Parker

Cover by Bill Smith Studio (photo by David Scheinmann)

(P) © 1996 Warner Records