01. Sentinel (8:07)
02. Dark Star (2:16)
03. Clear Light (5:47)
04. Blue Saloon (2:59)
05. Sunjammer (2:32)
06. Red Dawn (1:50)
07. The Bell (6:56)
08. Weightless (5:46)
09. The Great Plain (4:47)
10. Sunset Door (2:25)
11. Tattoo (4:13)
12. Altered State (5:12)
13. Maya Gold (4:01)
14. Moonshine (1:41)

Total playing time: 58:32

Written by Mike Oldfield

Mike Oldfield plays: Electric, Classical, Flamenco, 12-String Guitar & Acoustic Guitars, Mandolon, Banjo, Double Speed Guitar, Grand piano, Hammond organ, Syntesizers & Programming, Timpani, Glockenspiel, Triangle, Tambourine, Cymbals, Toy percussion, Handclaps, Orchestral Bass Drum... plus, Tubular Bells

Produced by Trevor Horn, Mike Oldfield & Tom Newman
Engineered by Steve MacMillan, Tom Newman, Tim Weidner & Mike Oldfield
Mixed by Steve MacMillan & Mike Oldfield
Technical: Richard Barrie
Add. programming & digital sound processing: Eric Cadieux
Add. Keyboards, Noises & Drum Loops: Jamie Muhoberac
Drums on 'Altered Sate': John Robinson
Vocals: Susannah Melvoin, Edie Lehman & Mike Oldfield
Vocal Solo: Sally Bradshaw
Bagpipes: P.D. Scots Pipe Band & Celtic Bevy Band
Master of Ceremonies: A Strolling Player
PA to Mike Oldfield: Jeremy Parker
Cover by Bill Smith Studio
A Trevor Key photograph

(P) © 1992 Warner Records
Tubular Bells II