01. Peace On Earth (4:10) Camilla Darlow-girl Soprano; add.Vocals: Lond. Handel Choir
02. Pacha Mama (4:05) Vocals: Nicola Emmanuel, David Serame, Miriam Stockley
      add.Vocals: The London Handel Choir/The Grant Gospel Choir
03. Santa Maria (2:44) Camilla Darlow-girl Soprano; add.Vocals: London Handel Choir
04. Sunlight Shining Through Cloude (4:33)
      Vocals: Martay/Pepsi; add.Vocals: Grant Gospel Choir
05. The Doge's Palace (3:07)
      Orchestra: London Session Orchestra; add. Choir: London Handel Singers
06. Lake Constance (5:16) Orch.: London Session Orchestra
07. Mastermind (3:03) Drums: Gota Yashiki
08. Broad Sunlit Uplands (4:03) Orchestra: London Session Orchestra
09. Liberation (2:38) Narration: Greta Hegerland-Olfield; Vocals: Miriam Stockley/Pepsi;
      add.Vocals: London Handel Choir/Grant Gospel Choir; Drum Fills: Gota Yashiki
10. Amber Light (3:42) Vocals: Nicola Emmanuel & David Serame/Miriam Stockley;
      add.Vocals: Lond.Handel Choir/Grant Gospel Choir; Andrew Johnson:
      St.Paul's Treble; Percussion: Gota Yashiki
11. The Millennium Bell (7:32) Vocals: Nicola Emmanuel & David Serame/ Miriam
      Stockley/Pepsi; add.Vocals: The London Handel Choir/The Grant Gospel Choir;
      Orchestra: Lond. Session Orchestra; Strings & Choir: Robyn Smith;
      Percussion: Gota Yashiki; co-arrangement: DJ Pippi

Total playing time: 44:53

Written, produced & arranged by Mike Oldfield
Except track 4 verse lyrics by Captain John Newton (1725-1807) - some time Captain of the slave ship The Duke Of Argyle, later advocate for the abolition of the slave trade
Engineered: Ben Darlow
Orchestrations by The London Session Orchestra recorded live at Abbey Road Studios, conducted & arranged by Robyn Smith
The incredible power of the choral sections of the album were provided by The London Handel Choir, & The Grant Gospel Choir with additional vocals by Nicola Emmanuel, David Serame, Miriam Stockley, Camilla Darlow & St Paul's treble Andrew Johnson, drums by Gota Yashiki

(P) © 1999 Wea International
The Millennium Bell