Disc 1

01. Tubular Bells: Part One (remixed) (25:55) (Oldfield)
02. Tubular Bells: Part Two (25:47) (remixed)
      (Oldfield except 'Sailor Hornpipe' trad.arr. Oldfield)
03. The Rio Grande (6:37) (trad. arr. Bedford)
04. Portsmouth (2:02) (trad. arr. Oldfield)
05. In Dulci Jubilo (2:49) (R.L. Pearsall arr. Oldfield)

Disc 2

01. Hergest Ridge: Part One (remixed) (21:33) (Oldfield)
02. Hergest Ridge: Part Two (remixed) (18:40) (Oldfield)
03. An extract from Star's End (7:33) (Bedford)
04. Argiers (3:59) (trad.arr. Oldfield)
05. Speak (Tho You Only Say Farewell) (2:54) (Ray Morell/Horatio Nicholls)

Disc 3

01. Ommadawn: Part One (remixed) (20:06) (Oldfield)
02. Ommadawn: Part Two (remixed) (17:17)
      (Oldfield except 'On Horseback' music: Oldfield/lyrics: Oldfield/William Murray)
03. The Phaeacian Games (3:58) (Bedford)
04. First Excursion (5:56) (Oldfield/Bedford)

Tubular Bells re-mixed in quad by Phil Newell, assisted by Alan Perkins
Hergest Ridge re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield
Ommadawn re-mixed in quad by Mike Oldfield & Phil Newell

Phaeacian Games
David Bedford: ARP Synthesizer, String Synthesizer, Grand Piano, Electric Piano
Mike Oldfield: Guitar
Recorded at TW Studios, London in June 1976 & at Througham in July 1976
Produced by Peter Jenner
Engineers: Martin Adam (TW), David Bedford (Througham)

Extract From 'Star's End'
Mike Oldfield: Guitar, Bass Guitar
Chris Cutler: Percussion
the Royal Philarmonic Orchestra conducted by Vemon Handley
Recorded at the Manor & by the Manor Mobile at Barking Town Hall in August 1974
Produced by David Bedford & Mike Oldfield

the Rio Grande
David Bedford: Grand Piano, Organ
Mike Oldfield: Guitar
Vocals by classes 2 & 3, Queen's College, London
Recorded at the Manor, the Beacon & with the Manor Mobiile at Queen's College Hall n June 1975
Produced by David Bedford

First Excursion
Mike Oldfield: Guitar
David Bedford: Grand Piano, String Synthesizer
Recorded at Througham in Auugust 1976
Produced by Mike Oldfield
Engineer: Phil Newell

Mike Oldfield: Acoustic Guitar, String Synthesizer
Leslie Penning: Recorders
Recorded at Througham in January 1976
Produced by Mike Oldfield
Engineer: Paul Lindsay

Mike Oldfield: Acoustic Guitar, Accordion, Mandolin, String Synthesizer, Kettle Drum, Bodhran Feet
Leslie Penning: Recorders, Feet
Recorded at Througham in January 1976
Produced by Mike Oldfield
Engineer: Paul Lindsay

In Dulci Jubilo
Mike Oldfield: Acoustic & Electric Guitars, String Synthesizer
Leslie Penning: Recorders, Kortholt
William Murray: Snare Drum
Reorded at the Beacon in November 1974 & the Manor in October 1975
Produced by Mike Oldfield
Engineers: Mike Oldfield (Beacon), Phill Newell (Manor)

Speak (Tho'You Only Say Farewell)
Mike Oldfield: Vocals
David Bedford: Grand Piano, Vocals
Recorded at the Beacon in November 1874
Produced & engineered by Mike Oldfield

(P) © 1976 Virgin Records Ltd.