01. Give Me The Good Earth (8:31) (Gary Wright)
02. Launching Place (5:52) (Mike Rudd)
03. I'll Be Gone (3:42) (Mike Rudd)
04. Earth Hymn (6:19) (Mann/Slade)
05. Sky High (5:15) (Mann/Rogers)
06. Be Not Too Hard (4:12) (Rogers/Christopher Logue)
07. Earth Hymn (4:18) (Mann/Slade)

Bonus tracks (1998 re-master):

08. Be Not Too Hard (3:39) (single edit)
09. I'll Be Gone (3:28) (single edit)
10. Earth Hymn (Part 2a) (4:13) (single edit)

Total playing time: 49:34

Manfred Mann: Keyboards
Mick Rogers: Guitars, Vocals
Colin Pattenden: Bass Guitar
Chris Slade: Fibes Drums

Produced by Manfred Mann & Earth Band
Recorded at The Workhouse, Old Kent Road, London 1974
Engineer: John Pantry
Tape operator: Laurence Latham
Roadies: Geoff Newsome, Alan White, Mick Whelan
Photography: Alan Shawcroff
Special thanks for invaluable help from John Pantry

The owner of this album is entitled to rights over one square foot of the earth situated at Llanerchyrfa in the county Brecon, Wales in Great Britain, subject to registration on or before 31st December 1975.

Your Share of 'The Good Earth':
The land is near the head of the Irfon valley & overlooks the River Irfon which is a tributary of the River Wye. This part of the Irfon valley particularly wild & desolate with rocky crags overshadowing the single track road. This road is one of the ancient droveways along which cattle were driven from the coastal plains Cardiganshire through the Welsh hills to the markets of London.. In one place the river passes through a narrow gorge barely a yard wide known in Welsh as the Wolf's leap. The rivers & streams are at their best just after heavy rain when waterfalls cascade from the plateau down to the valley bottom. The block is part of a vast sea of purple moor grass which stretches for thousands of acres over the plateau changing from purple in summer to white in winter & greening again in late spring. For much of the year the area is left to sheep & the shepherds & a few half wild ponies. This is a bird watcher's paradise & at various times in this valley I've seen the rare Kite, Kavens flying acrobatics, Buzzardz, Hawks & Harries soaring overhead, Herons fishing in this river a host of smaller & less conspicuous birds.
Tom Proctor, Economic Forestry (Wales) Ltd.

1998 -Remaster credits:
Re-mastered by Mike Brown & Robert M. Corich
Assisted by Richard Roy
Additional material courtesy Manfred Mann, The Workhouse, Andy & Carol Taylor at Platform End, Helen Milner, Steve Fernie & Mick Rogers
Additional thanks to Ron Clint & Greg Russo
Revised artwork & liner notes prepared by Red Steel Productions for Creature Music Ltd.
CD artwork: Frank McPartland, Creation Graphics, Luton
Additional sleeve notes by Andy Taylor

Bronze Records
Originally released by Bronze/Island (ILPS 9306), 11/10/74

Cohesion Records
(P) © 1974 Petbrook Ltd. on exclusive licence to Creature Music Ltd.
The Good Earth


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