01. Lies (Through The 80's) (4:36) (D.Newman)
02. On The Run (3:53) (Mann/Tony Ashton/Florrie Palmer)
03. For You (5:40) (B.Springsteen)
04. Adolescent Dream (2:42) (Mann)
05. Fritz The Blank (2:51) (Mann)
06. Stranded (5:49) (Mann/Mike Heron)
07. Hello, I Am You Heart (5:18) (Dennis Linde)
08. No Guarantee (3:50) (Mann)
09. Heart On The Street (4:56) (Tom Gray)

Total playing time: 39:32

Bonus tracks (1999 re-master):

10. A Fool I Am (4:16) (Mann/King/Lingwood/Waller) (B-side)
11. Adolescent Dream (2:23) (single version)
12. Lies (Through The 80's) (4:14) (single version)
13. For You (3:52) (single version)

Total playing time (inc. bonus tracks): 54:20

Manfred Mann: Keyboards, Vocals ('Adolescent Dream')
Pat King: Bass, Bass Pedals
John Lingwood: Drums

Trevor Rabin: Guitar
Mick Rogers: Guitar
Steve Waller: Guitar, Vocals ('This Is Your Heart')
Geoff Whitehorn: Guitar
Robbie McIntosh: Guitar
Chris Thompson: Vocals ('Lies', 'On The Run', 'For You')
Dyan Birch: Vocals ('No Guarantee' & others)
Willy Finlayson: Vocals ('Heart On The Street')
Peter Marsh: Vocals ('Stranded')
Carol Stocker: additional Backing Vocals
Barbara Thompson: Saxophone

Produced by Manfred Mann
Associate producer: Trevor Rabin
Engineer: Rik Walton
Other engineers: David Barratt, Edwin Cross, Laurie Latham, Robert Stewart
Tape-op: David Barratt
Recorded at Workhouse Studios, London & Casa das Flores, Albufeira, Portugal
Portugal: Thanks to Bernie Clarke for production
Engineers: Time Sunnerhayes & Peter Schwier

Thanks to: Robert Stewart, Jane Curtiss & Mauren McKenzie, Irene Barry for tea, Kelly & Nina for suggesting 'Lies'. Also Bronze records for being patient.

Cover: Ole Kortzau 'Deckchairs'
Screenprint, edition of 500 courtesy of Thumb gallery, London
Design: Martin Poole

1999 remaster:
Re-mastered by Mike Brown & Robert M Corich, Feb-Mar 1999
Additional material courtesy Manfred Mann, The Workhouse, Andy & Carol Taylor at Platform End, Helen Milner, Steve Fernie & Mick Rogers
Additional thanks to Ron Clint & Greg Russo
Artwork & liner notes prepared by Red Steel Productions for Creature Music Ltd.
CD & booklet artwork by Andrew Buckle of Sapphire Productions
Additional sleeve notes by Andy Taylor

Internet site:

    The view from the window seemed true & clear enough, but by now he should have known better, nevertheless he couldn't help believing what he saw. Emily Footle's proud nose covered by a thin layer of erotic silk, becoming so real, in such an alluring way that he couldn't help an overwhelming desire to leap out the window to reach it. 'Don't be stupid George' he told himself. A nose is such as erogenous zone for the owner or a particularly attractive one for the viewer'. Certainly, it wasn't the kind of thing a sensible lawyer usually risked his life to be near. But however logical he was, however every fibre of his fine brain told him it was ridiculous, there was a musky odour that rendered all logic absurd.
'Oh well', he said as he leapt, 'May as well take a chance'.
-Manfred Mann

    'Chance would be a fine thing', thought Marmaduke, as he slipped his bony fingers into Fat Henry's pocket. A solitary bead of sweat dangling on his aqualine nose, reflected the dim beam of light which descended from the lift ceiling. He knew that the situation was far from perfect, in view of the lack of an escape route, but occasionally he gave way to the overwhelming desire to prove that he was by far the best pickpocket ever & the tingle in his fingertips told him that Fat Henry was a touch not to be ignored. The indicator showed 2 floors to go as he made contact with what felt like expensive snakeskin & he expertly withdrew the object of his attention. For a split second his brow wrinkled as a feeling of disbelief came over him, only to be replaced by one of revulsion & apprehension. He was barely aware that although the indicator had stopped, the lift had not since held his attention was riveted on the slow rhythmic throb of what he was holding - it was a forked tail - smooth as silk & black as coal - & tied to the end with a scarlet ribbon was a card blazing out the words, glowing like molten gold - NO CHANCE!!'
-Pat King

    A wise man turns chance into good fortune.
-Thomas Fuller, 1732

    Difficult to understand, chance is, & yet in the absence of knowledge which is infinite & all embracing, it is as reliable a path to follow, as the limited logic we pride ourselves on... Nevertheless, you're a bit of an idiot if you rely on it round a casino table.
-M. Lubowitz, 1980

What the reason of the ant laboriously drags into a heap, the wind of accident will collect in one breath.
-Schiller, 1783

Every possession & every happiness is but lent by chance for an uncertain time, & may therefore be demanded back the next hour.
Schopenhauer, 1819

I decided to write sleeve notes because I used to like them on old jazz albums & nobody does them anymore.
'Chance' was recorded over a fairly long period of time between May 1979 & July 1980.

Whenever a band spends a long time making an album there is an assumption that endless time spent on the actual tracks that comprise the album. In practice we spent a lot of time on tracks that we eventually rejected. We made a lot of mistakes, pieces of music that sounded finer in our heads, but didn't make it one tape. The tracks we did eventually include on 'Chance' came in a variety of ways: 'On the Run' for example was at one time a fast shuffle rhythm, at another time a heavy metal piece in 7/4 time, we tried what seemed like a thousand different arrangements & nothing seemed to work, eventually in despair one afternoon we fiddled about a rhythm box & a digital sequencer & lo & behold the track eventually surfaced.

'Fritz The Blank' was originally a song which we had rejected, one afternoon we played it without vocal to Trevor Rabin who liked it & suggested we use the track as an instrumental. 'No Guarantee' was originally another song altogether, which we had complete;y finished. I later decided that I didn't like the song itself, but I did like the feeling of the backing track. I then sued the words from a guarantee form from a commercial company as the basis of a new song. 'Stranded' was recorded once before for the album 'Watch' but it didn't really work out very well, so it wasn't included. This is the second version we have recorded, after we'd finished it a lot of changes were made, the 'Mayday' middle section was originally a guitar fade. I wrote the song over the guitar riff & then inserted it into the track. The radio shipping forecast was also added afterwards. There's not really very much else to say, some of the rest was easy, some hard, some fun to do, at other times it seemed impossible top get onto tape what was in our heads, but eventually we got it more or less how we intended it to be. Hope you enjoy it.
-Manfred Mann

Bronze Records Originally released by Bronze Records (BRON 529), 10/10/80

Cohesion Records (P) © 1980 Petbrook Ltd. on exclusive licence to Creature Music Ltd.


Sleeve notes