01. Tribal Statistics (4:16) (Andy Qunta)
02. Eyes Of Nostradamus (3:29) (Al Stewart)
03. Third World Service (5:19) (Anthony Moore)
04. Demolition Man (3:45) (Sting)
05. Brothers And Sisters Of Azania (2:47) (Mann)
06. Africa Suite (8:36):
    a) Brothers And Sisters Of Africa (3:06) (Mann)
    b) To Bantustan? (2:36) (Mann)
    c) Koze Kobenini? (How Long Must We Wait?) (1:26) (Mann/Irving)
    d) Lalela (1:31) (Mann/Lingwood)
07. Redemption Song (No Kwazulu) (7:36) (Bob Marley)
08. Somewhere In Africa (1:38) (Trad., arr. Mann/Lingwood)

Bonus tracks (1999 re-master):

09. War Dream (3:08) (Mann/Lingwood/Waller/Irving/Laing)
10. Holiday's End (2:40) (Mann/Irving/Lingwood/Waller)
11. Redemption Song (4:14) (single version)
12. Eyes Of Nostradamus (4:41) (12" single version)
13. Demolition Man (3:44) (single version/ alternate mix)

Total playing time: 55:57

Manfred Mann: Keyboard, Vocals
Steve Waller: Vocals
Chris Thompson: Vocals
Shona Laing: Vocals
John Lingwood: Drums & Percussion
Matt Irving: Bass Guitar Programming (MC4)

[Mick Rogers: Guitars, Vocals on 'Runner' & 'Rebel']

Produced by Manfred Mann
Recorded at Workhouse II - Mastersounds (Sweden) - Underhill Studios
Engineers: Terry Medhurst, Lars Finnstrom
African vocal sequences were recorded by Matt Irving 'Somewhere in Afrika' in June 1982, using an 8-track mobile tape recorder. These tapes were later synchronised with the master tapes in London using computer code.
Other African sequences were recorded in London & we'd like to thank the singers - Chief Dawethi, Rufus Sefothuma, Fats Mothya, Jabu Mbalu & Zanty Lekau

We'd like to thank Jane Curtiss, Robert Stewart, Rik Walton, Bryan New, John Parry, Glenn in Sweden, & Saul Oz
Also: Robbie McIntosh, Trevor Rabin (guitar solo in 'Redemeption Song', Steve Lange, Vicki Brown, Geoff Whitehorn, Mick Rogers, Jimmy Copley, Italineska Music - Sweden, Yamaha - Sweden, & Mick Carter & A.L.T. Ltd.

A very special thanks to those people in Africa who assisted Matt Irving with the African recordings & also Madonsini & 3rd Ear Music

This album was mixed using Sony & Mitsubishi digital systems, & we'd like to thank Sinmon Renshaw & Barclay James Harvest for their cooperation in this regard

Cover by Martin Poole, model making by Paul Baker

1999 remaster:
Re-mastered by Mike Brown & Robert M Corich, Feb-Mar 1999
Additional material courtesy Manfred Mann, The Workhouse, Andy & Carol Taylor at Platform End, Helen Milner, Steve Fernie & Mick Rogers
Additional thanks to Ron Clint & Greg Russo
Artwork & liner notes prepared by Red Steel Productions for Creature Music Ltd.
CD & booklet artwork by Andrew Buckle of Sapphire Productions
Additional sleeve notes by Andy Taylor

Originally released in UK by Bronze Records (BRON 543), 18/02/83
(First released in Germany in October, 1982)

Cohesion Records
(P) © 1982 Petbrook Ltd. on exclusive licence to Creature Music Ltd.

US remaster: One Way Records, Albany, NY

One Way Records
Somewhere In Afrika


Sleeve notes