01. Blinded By The Light
02. California
03. Joybringer
04. Tribal Statistics
05. Somewhere In Africa
06. Davy's On The Road Again
07. You Angel You
08. The Runner
09. Questions
10. The Mighty Quinn
11. Angels At The gate
12. For You
13. Demolition Man

  This album documents the second part of Manfred Mann's career as one of rocks most successful and enduring characters. Very few artists have had worldwide success that has continued through three decades of constant musical change where their songs continue to be played years after release. Manfred Mann achieved this. Manfred Mann's Earth Band was possibly the most creative and progressive phase of Manfred Mann's career in rock. This genial South African formed the band in mid-1971 after the phenomenal success of the pop group Manfred Mann (1963-1969). Hits like 5-4-3-2-1, Doo Wah Diddy Diddy, and many more are now classics of the 60's and are still played on radio stations all round the world to this day.
  Manfred's reincarnation in the early 70's as Manfred Mann's Earth Band took up where he'd left off in the sixties with continued chart success and public acclaim. Joybringer reached No 7 in the UK, Blinded By The Light No 6 in the UK and No 1 in America (giving Bruce Springsteen his first ever No 1). The Roaring Silence, the album from which Blinded By The Light was taken, went to No 10 on both sides of the Atlantic. Along with Davy's On The Road Again going top 10 in the UK in 1978, chart success, for the 20 years the Earth Band has been in existence, has always gone hand in hand with a reputation for putting on superb live shows. As a testament to their live shows included here is a live version of the classic Mighty Quinn, from the album Live In Budapest.
  Throughout the life of the Earth Band there have been many members and collaborators which has added to the diversity of the albums from the Zulu chants on Somewhere In Africa to the classic rock album Watch. The list of vocalists that auditioned for the Earth Band upon Chris Thompson's resignation in 1980, was equally diverse - Huey Lewis, Paul Young, Brian Johnson of AC/DC and Graham Bonnet (formally of Rainbow). This collection of hits and Earth Band favourites spans the full 20 years and the many personnel changes that occurred, and serves as a reminder and celebration of one of the rock world's all time greats.

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20 Years