featuring Chris Thompson, Thomas D., Dean Hart, Barbara Thompson

01. Demons And Dragons (3:29)
02. Two Brides [Interlude] (1:22)
03. Down In Mexico (3:31)
04. Happenstance (3:02)
05. The History Of Sexual Jealousy (4:46)
06. Black Eyes (2:10)
07. Mars (3:56)
08. Get Me Out Of This (5:35)
09. Frog (4:29)
10. Two Friends (5:24)
11. Monkmann (3:10)
12. Marche Slave [Instrumental Interlude] (1:42)
13. Independent Woman (3:30)
14. Dragons [reprise] (2:01)

Total playing time: 48:15
    1. Demons And Dragons [with Thomas D]
    Music/Lyrics: Mann/McAloon/Super Furry Animals
    Manfred Mann'06
    Noel McCalla: Vocals
    Chris Thompson: Vocals
    Thomas D: German Rap
    Matt Lottstadt: Guitars
    Mick Rogers: Guitars
    Manfred Man: Keyboards

    2. Two Brides [Interlude]
    Music: Mann, Lyrics: Guy
    Performed by MMEB
    Mixed by Dean Hart

    3. Down In Mexico
    Music/Lyrics: Lieber & Stoller
    Don Freeman: Poem & Talking
    Manfred Mann'06
    Manfred Man: Keyboards
    Noel McCalla: Vocals
    Chris Thompson: Vocals

    4. Happenstance [instrumental]
    Music: Mann
    Manfred Mann'06
    Mick Rogers: Guitars
    Manfred Man: all other instruments

    5. The History Of Sexual Jealousy Parts 17 to 24
    Music/Lyrics: Mann/N Currie
    Co-produced by Dean Hart
    Mick Rogers: Guitars
    Noel McCalla: Vocals
    Barbara Thompson: Sax solo
    Dean Hart: other instruments

    6. Black Eyes
    Music: Mann/Pook
    Manfred Mann'06
    Matt Lottstadt: Guitars
    Mick Rogers: Guitar solo
    Manfred Man: Keyboards & Bass part
    Geoff Dunn: Drums

    7. Mars
    Music: Mann, Lyrics: Guy/Mann (based on theme by G.Holst)
    Performed by MMEB
    Manfred Mann: Vocals
    Noel McCalla: Vocals
    Hazel Hernadez: Vocals

    8. Get Me Out Of This
    Music: Mann, Lyrics: Guy/Mann (based on a theme by J.Massenet)
    Performed by MMEB with Chris Thompson (chorus vocals)
    Matt Lottstadt: Guitar
    Henry's Eight: Classical Vocals
    Melanie Pappenheim: Vocals

    9. Frog
    Music/Lyrics: Mann (based on Easter overture, a Russian Easter theme)
    Performed by MMEB
    Arte Chorale: Russian Vocals

    10. Two Friends
    Music: Mann, Lyrics: Guy
    Performed by MMEB
    Chris Thompson: vocals

    11. Monkmann
    Trad. arr. & co-produced by Dean Hart
    Music/Lyrics: Mann/Hart
    Manfred Mann'06
    Arte Chorale: Vocal sample
    Geoff Dunn: Drums
    Mick Rogers: Guitar
    Manfred Man: Keyboards

    12. Marche Slave [Instrumental Interlude]
    Music: Mann (based on a theme Tchaikovsky)
    Dean Hart: Bass, Guitar, Mixing

    13. Independent Woman [With Thomas D]
    (Based on Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto)
    Lyrics: Hart/Shante/Guy/Mann/Thomas D/Clear/Williams
    Dean Hart: Co-producer, Lead & Backing Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
    Thomas D: German Rap
    Manfred Mann & Noel McCalla: low Vocal chant
    Roxanne Shante: Rap sample (from 'Independent Woman' on 'Bad Sister' album)

    14. Dragons [reprise]

Noel McCalla: Vocals Mick Rogers: Guitars Steve Kinch: Bass
Manfred Man: Keyboards & bit of Vocals

Executive producer: Manfred Mann
Co-producer: Dean Hart
Engineer: Ilan Rog
Also Tery Medhurst, Gus Hoevenaars, Matt Lottstadt, Ian Thompson, Dean Hart, Ray Mascaranes
Thanks to: Chris Thompson, Hazel Hernandez, Arte Chorale, Cassandra Steen, Henry's Eight, Thomas Hegarty,
Drum loops by Abe Laboriek Jr, courtesy of Spectrasonics Burning Grooves & Retrofunk
Special thanks to webmaster Ron Clint & Nigel Stanworth for ther sterling work

Some of the Earth Band backing tracks were recorded in a different & experimental manner. There were no rehearsals beforehand. As a result almost everything you will hear, was never played before or rehearsed, so what you hear are the first takes of their kind. These tracks are 'Mars', 'Two Friends', 'Marche Slave', 'Frog' & 'Get Me Out Of This'. Musically this method worked pretty well, but was also time consuming as we had to connect different sections together afterwards. This is because verses & choruses were played separately.
A number of other tracks were put together in a more organised fashion. Some of these are in a style which is different to what fans of Earth Band might expect. Therefore I have entitled these Manfred Mann'06. Although in most cases I've used the musicians from EB. Equally i've called the album 2006 although it will be released in 2004, [& in some places 2005]. It's simply that being the wrong date & being out of time might liik interesting - at least until 2006.
I'd also like to thank Nicholas Bulestin for his work during the initial stages of the EB tracks. He & I are both aware of the extent of his contribution.

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