01. Night Flight (5:24) (Jeff Wayne/Paul Vigress)
02. Maybe It's Just Love (4:48) (Matt Silver)
03. Crazy Lovers (5:31) (J.Hayward)
04. Penumbra Moon (4:12) (Billy Nicholls)
05. Nearer To You (3:41) (J.Hayward)
06. A Face In The Crowd (4:01) (J.Hayward)
07. Suitcase (3:37) (J.Hayward)
08. I'm Sorry (3:10) (Daryl Hall/John Oates)
09. It's Not On (4:10) (J.Wayne/Gary Osborne)
10. Bedtime Stories (5:45) (Colin Still)

Bonus tracks [2004 CD]:

11. Bedtime Stories (4:08) (single version)
12. Forever Autumn (4:26) (Live at San Juan Capistrano, 1998)

Total playing time: 52:58

Justin Hayward: Guitars, Drums [7], Bass [3,7]
Jo Partridge: Guitars
Herbie Flowers: Bass
Barry de Souza: Drums
Stuart Elliot: Drums
David Holland: Drums [3]
Ken Freeman: Keyboards
Jeff Wayne: Piano [1]
Roy Jones: Percussion
Tony Carr: Percussion
Doreen & Irene Chanter: Girl Singers [5,10,11]

Produced, arranged & conducted by Jeff Wayne for JWM Productions, Ltd.
Music co-ordination: The General Booking Company
Brass arranged by Steve Gray & Jeff Wayne
Engineered by Geoff Young with technical assistance from Graham Meek
Assistant engineers: Paul Taylor, Craig Thompson & Norman Goodman

Cover photo: Rod Shone
Co-ordination: John Tracy for Decca International
Co-ordination assistant: Julie Thompson
Re-mastered by Anthony Hawkins

2004 CD reissue compiled & produced by Mike Powell
Project co-ordinated for Universal Music by Andy Street
All tracks remastered by Paschal Byrne at the Audio Archiving Company, London & Mulinetti, Italy

(P) © 1980 Decca Records (London) Ltd.
A Universal Music Company

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Night Flight