01. The Perception Of Johnny Punter (8:37) (Dick/Wilson)
02. Goldfish And Clowns (6:36) (Dick/Wilson)
03. Change Of Heart (3:41) (Dick/Boult)
04. What Colour Is God? (5:50) (Dick/Wilson)
05. Tara (5:12) (Dick/Patterson)
06. Jungle Ride (7:34) (Dick/Boult)
07. Worm In A Bottle (6:24) (Dick/Boult)
08. Brother 52 (6:03) (Dick/Wilson)
09. Sunsets On Empire (6:54) (Dick/Wilson)
10. Say It With Flowers (4:15) (Dick/Wilson/Bowness)

Total playing time: 61:06

Bonus track (on Japanese & Roadrunner releases):

11. Do Not Walk Ouside This Area (6:29) (Dick/Wilson)

Note: this is an enhanced CD. Features video clip 'Brother 52'

Limited Digipack edition includes bonus disc with a conversation with Fish

Fish: Lead Vox (all tracks)
Steven Wilson: Lead Guitar (tracks 1,10), Rhythm Guitar (1,8,9), Slide Guitar (9), Keyboards (1-6,8-10), Loops/Sampler (2,4,5,8)
Foss Patterson: Hammond Organ (1,2,7-9), Piano (1,2,5,9), Keyboards (3,5,6), Backing Vox (4)
Ewen Vernal: Bass (1-9)
Dave Stewart: Drums (1-9)
Robin Boult: Rhythm Guitar (1-4,6-9), 12 String Guitar (1-6,8,10), Lead Guitar/E-Bow (5,8)
Frank Usher: Lead Guitar (1,3,7,8), Rhythm Guitar (2-4,7,8), Slide Guitar (3,7)
Dave Haswell: Percussion (2,5,6)
Chris Gaugh: Cello (1,5)
Brian Hale: Violin (1,5)
Martyn Bennett: Violin (6,8)
Lorna Bannon: Backing Vox (1,2,5,9)
Katherine Garrett: Backing Vox (3,6)

Other additional musicians:
Don Jack & Chris Thompson: Backing Vocals (1)
Annie McCaig: Backing Vocals (9)
Terence Jones: French Horn (9)
Fraser Spiers: Harmonica (6)
Voice on telephone in 'Brother 52' - 'Doc'
String arrangements on track 1: Steve Wilson, track 5: Foss Patterson
Samples on track 4 sent from the heavens
'Empire awakening' pianola played by Tara Rowena Dick

Arranged & produced by Steven Wilson
Vocal sessions produced by Avril Mackintosh
Engineered by Elliot Ness
Mixed by Calum Malcolm
Recorded & mixed at Millennium Recording Studios, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland
Mastered at Gateway Mastering Studios, Portland, Maine, USA by Bob Ludwig
Q Sound Labs, Inc. Canada supplied QSYS/TDM & QX/TDM Software plug-ins for Digidesign Protools III which were used on this album

Main cover artwork by Mark Wilkinson, graphic design by Neil Dalgleish
All photos by Fish except 'Perceptions' - Media Operations, HQ Land Command (Crown Copyright)
Main Fish photo: David Darling

(P) © 1997 Viceroy Entertainment under licence from Dick Bros Record Co.Ltd.

A Lightyear Entertainment release, New York

Distributed in the USA by WEA

Viceroy The Dick Bros Record Company Lightyear Entertainment

Re-released on 26/10/98 by Roadrunner Records
Sunsets On Empire

Bonus disc (with Limited Digipack):

Conversations with Fish

1. The themes behind Sunsets On Empire, personal factors, the Yin & Yang world tour, global issues, characters on the album dawn to dusk. (2:45)
2. The concept running through the new album, comparison with Marillion and previous solo albums. (0:50)
3. The album title, inspiration from a dream, CNN, school maps, Hollywood history, Vietnam, the Net, Mark Wilkinson's artwork. (3:29)
4. Bosnia, Forgotten Sons and the Falklands War, phone calls from the front, Spike Milligan, Bosnia's scenic beauty (3:55)
5. Writing the album, working with Steve Wilson, Porcupine Tree and No Man, band problems. (2:52)
6. Musical styles, the fan base, 'movies for peoples's ears', dramatic vocals, Cinemascope production techniques.(2:31)
7. The recording progress, instruments used, working with Calum Malcolm and Avril Mackintosh, mastering the album. (2:52)
8. The Perception of Johnny Punter, Lenny Bruce, influence of Bosnia v Croatia. (2:04)
9. Goldfish & Clowns, fairground images, 'the shows', marital problems. (1:58)
10-11. Change of Heart, looking at relationships, glory in defeat, Scottish World Cup dreams, classic pop songs, Kayleigh, declaring love in black and white. (1:55/ 1:25)
12. What Colour is God?, Malcolm X, talking to Tara, St Lucia, racial stereotyping. (4:11)
13. Tara, Soweto and Brazil, growing up in the Sunsets world, fairy tale versus reality, another sunrise. (2:38)
14. Jungle Ride, beat poetry, the fastest ride in the fairground, the watering hole, the epitome of sex. (2:41)
15. Worm In A Bottle, the sad man's Happy Birthday song, drinking the dregs and crunching the Mezcal worm. (1:27)
16-17. Brother 52, grooves and loops, Doc's story, the video shoot, working with Duncan of Jordanstone College, Bim's Tattoo Studio, first live tattoo in a video. (2:12/3:36)
18. Sunsets on Empire, 'join the dots' lyrics, night of the big awakening. (1:20)
19. Say It With Flowers, sick lullabies, short red roses, problems during mixing. (2:07)

Total playing time: 46:56