01. Cover My Eyes (Pain And Heaven) (3:55)
02. Kayleigh (3:32) (single version)
03. Easter (5:56) (album version)
04. Warm Wet Circles (4:22) (single version)
05. Uninvited Guest (3:43) (single version)
06. Assassing (7:39) (1992 re-mix)
07. Hooks In You (2:54)
08. Garden Party (7:09) (1992 re-mix)
09. No One Can (4:40)
10. Incommunicado (5:14)
11. Dry Land (4:41)
12. Lavender (3:40) (single version)
13. I Will Walk On Water (4:11) (previously unreleased)
14. Sympathy (3:27) (previously unreleased)

Total playing time: 65:21

Fish: Vocals (tracks 2,4,6,8,10,12)
Steve Hogarth: Vocals (1,3,5,7,9,11,13,14)
Steve Rothery: Guitars
Pete Trewavas: Bass
Mark Kelly: Keyboards
Ian Mosley: Drums

This was written at Barwell Court rehearsal studio near Chessington Zoo in Surrey. We recorded it at Hansa studios in Berlin, near the Berlin wall. Berlin was a place of extremes, on one hand the area around the wall seemed grey & oppressive but the people & the rest of Berlin seemed incredibly vibrant & alive. I think we all aged about 5 years in the 3 months we worked there. SR

Warm Wet Circles
Re-mixed by Nick Davis
This was partly written at Wendover in Buckinghamshire & finished at Bray studios. It was recorded at Westside & the band added extra overdubs & re-mixed it for its release as a single. SR

Re-mixed by Chris Hedge
The germ of the idea came while we were writing at Mountain studios in Wales in the summer of '83. A strange mixture of rehearsal studio & hippy commune run by amongst others 'Sunshine' & 'Nutkin'. It had a Druids stone circle on a hill behind the house & was quite possibly the strangest place I've ever been. I'd just got my Roland guitar synthesizer & was experimenting with it. Fish had been driving us all mad by playing Islamic records he'd got from Peter Hammill at great volume all the time. We finished writing the song few months later, again in Wales, this time at Rockfield studios in a house by the side of a river.
We recorded 'Assasing' at the Manor Studio in Oxfordshire, a beautiful old house complete with a snooker table, a pair of Irish Wolfhounds & a ghost. Again we've remixed the track & we've also restored a section we'd edited out on the Fugazi album. SR

Garden Party
Re-mixed by Chris Hedge
Originally written in a rehearsal studio on a farm in Gawcott, Buckinghamshire in early 1980, it evolved over the next 3 years into the song you hear here. It brings back memories of recording in London for the 1st time (at the Marquee Studios), Nick Tauber, the producer, terrifying the tape ops like some mad ogre & of our frequent visits to the Marquee Club next door for refreshment. We've tried to make the re-mix an interesting alternative to the original & to bring out certain parts we felt were lost in the original mix. SR

This was partly written at Barwell Court & finished off at a Bray Studios by the river Thames in Berkshire. It was recorded at Westside studios in London. SR

We added extra overdubs & the guitar solo a few weeks later after we'd finished the Misplaced Childhood album at Abbey Road studios in London. SR
The original album version of this song is only about 90 seconds long so to make it a single we extended it somewhat. A first for us as we normally have to edit our songs down in length! MK

Design by Bill Smith Studio
Photography by Andy Rumball
Management: John Arnison
Assisted by Ann Lawler
For Hit & Run Music Ltd.

We'd like to thank our wives & families for their endurance & support over the years. Also many thanks to John Arnison who's been there all along. And special thanks to the unflappable Ann Lawler without whom we couldn't function. Thank you Privet Hedge (what's all 'Chris' business?) for 13 years.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Andy Field

(P) © 1992 EMI Records Ltd.

A Singles Collection