01. Assassing (7:01)
02. Punch And Judy (3:18)
03. Jigsaw (8:46)
04. Emerald Lies (5:08)
05. She Chameleon (6:53)
06. Incubus (8:30)
07. Fugazi (8:02)

Total playing time: 45:51

Fish: Voice

Steve Rothery: Guitars
Yamaha SG 2000, Gibson Les Paul Standard, Roland GR 300/505 Guitar Synth, Fender Stratocaster, Ovation Acoustic, Roland JC 120 Combo, Marshall 50W MV Combo, Mesa Boogie, Roland 501 Chorus/Echo, Boss Effects pedals

Mark Kelly: Keyboards
Bosendorfer Grand Piano, PPG Wave 2 2, Roland Jupiter 8, Minimoog, Emulator, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha GS1, Korg CX1, Church organ (Recorded at Angel Studios London)

Pete Trewavas: Bass
Aria & fender basses, Trace Elliott & Peavey Amplification

Ian Mosley: Drums
Yamaha drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Simmons Drums

Linda Pyke: Backing Vocal on 'Incubus'
Chris Karen: additional Percussion

Recorded at Manor Studio, Sarm East, Eel Pie & Maison Rouge Studio, Nov 1983- Feb 1984

Music by Marillion
Lyrics by Fish
Produced by Nick Tauber
Recorded & mixed by Simon Hanhart

Assistant engineers: Sarm East & Maison Rouge: Dave Meegan
Eel Pie: Tony Phillips
Manor: Steve Chase
Management: John Arnison
Crew: Gary Townsend, Andy Field, 'Privet' Hedge,Paul Lewis
Further Information from: Stef at 'The Web' c/o EMI Records

Sleeve design & illustration by Mark Wilkinson
Cover concept by Fish
Pictures on the wall by Julie Hazelwood

(P) © 1984 EMI Records Ltd


Bonus disc (remaster, 1997):

01. Cinderella Search (5:32) (12" single)
02. Assassing (7:41) (1992 alternate mix)
03. Three Boats Down From The Candy (4:01) (1984 re-recording)
04. Punch And Judy (3:50) (demo)
05. She Chameleon (6:34) (demo)
06. Emerald Lies (5:32) (demo)
07. Incubus (8:10) (demo)

Total playing time: 41:16