01. 3D (9:11) (Dick/Wesley/Young)
02. So Fellini (4:06) (Dick/Wesley)
03. Tiki 4 (7:32) (Dick/Wesley/Young)
04. Our Smile (5:25) (Dick/Wesley/Young)
05. Long Cold Day (5:33) (Dick/Wesley/Young)
06. Dancing In Fog (5:30) (Dick/Wesley/Young)
07. Obligatory Ballad (5:15) (Dick/Wesley)
08. The Pilgrim's Address (7:18) (Dick/Wesley)
09. Clock Moves Sideways (7:17) (Dick/Wesley)

Total playing time: 57:07

Fish: Lead Vocal
John Wesley: Guitars
John Young: Keyboards
Steve Vantsis: Bass
Dave Stewart: Drums
Susie Webb: Backing Vocals
Zoe Nicholas: Backing Vocals
Dave Haswell: Percussion

Recorded at The Studio, Haddington, East Lothian, Scotland with additional recordings taken from sessions at The Grand Hotel, Pristina, Kosovo & live recordings from Leeuwarden, Utrecht & Oberhausen, Germany
Recorded, engineered & produced by Elliot Ness
Mixed by Calum Malcolm & Elliot Ness
Mastered by Calum Malcolm

Bonus Disc:

1. 3D
(live in Rotterdam 10/5/01)
2. So Fellini (live in Poznan 31/05/01)
3. Tiki 4 (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
4. Pilgrim's Address (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
5. Clock Moves Sideways (live in Oslo 18/05/01)
6. Dancing In Fog (History of Guns re-mix)
7. Obligatory Ballad (Spaced Out re-mix)
8. Clock Moves Sideways (Two Clocks in One Whole re-mix)
9. Our Smile (acoustic version)

Fish: Vocals
John Martyr: Drums (1-5)
Steve Barnacle: Bass (1-5)
John Young: Keyboards (1,4-6)
Jim Heyden: Keyboards (2)
Max Rael: Keyboards (6-8), Programming (6/7/8)
Susie Webb: B-Vocals (3/5/9)
Zoe Nicholas: B-Vocals (3/5/9)
John Wesley: Guitars
Loops: Courtesy of Arng (6-8)

Engineered, recorded, mixed & produced by Elliot Ness
Mastered by Dallas Simpson at Serendipity
Design & artwork - Mark Wilkinson @ L-Space Design

(P) © 2001 Derek W. Dick under exclusive license to The Chocolate Frog Record Co. Ltd.

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Fellini Days
Bonus Disc