Live in Lüzern 12/11/95

Disc 1

01. Black Canal (6:47)
02. Jumpsuit City (6:41)
03. Big Wedge (4:36)
04. Emperor's Song (5:42)
05. Intro: See Rome And Die (2:11)
06. Lady Let It Lie (6:02)
07. Intro: The Observer (4:28)
08. Vigil (9:04)
09. Shadowplay (4:10)
10. Fugazi (3:19)
11. Slainthe Mhath (5:11)
12. Credo (7:58)

Total playing time: 66:13

Disc 2

01. Intro: Where's The Wine From (2:24)
02. Kayleigh (4:29)
03. Pipeline (7:31)
04. Incommunicado (4:17)
05. Internal Exile (5:39)
06. Lucky (16:45)
07. Lavender (6:45)

Total playing time: 47:55

Recorded live in Lüzern, 12/11/95

Some of the 'verbals' were intentionally edited due to their arguably contentious and libellous nature. Others, namely the 'Rome & Die' intro were unintentionally omitted due to the fact that 'Hair Bear' used the DAT machine to play his favourite farmyard noises as introduced, taking the gig DAT out of record mode. The story related to my first visit to Luzern during a school trip in 1970. I was still recovering from the previous five days in Rome which had been mostly spent in a hotel lavatory due to my ignorance of exotic fruit!

Fish: Vocals
Ewan 'Vermin' Vernal: Bass
Foster 'Gump' Paterson: Keyboards, Vocals
Robin 'Itchy' Boult: Guitars, Vocals
Dave 'Squeaky' Stewart: Drums
Frank 'the Hat' Usher: Guitar

Outfront sound engineer: Andy 'Hairbear' Williamson
Production manager: Kelvin Boys 'Yatta' Yates (the heroic vodka twins)
Monitor engineer: Michael 'Darling' Rose
Lights: Mick 'as I was saying' McHugh
Merchandise: Dave 'Mr Dynamic' Gould
Guitar technician: Duncan 'the wine waiter' Ross
Truck driver: Jim Kelly
Bus driver: 'Turnaround' Ron Tasker

(P) © 1996 The Dick Bros Record Company
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