01. Shake My Tree (4:53)
02. Waiting On You (5:15)
03. Take Me For A Little While (6:12)
04. Pride And Joy (3:30)
05. Over Now (5:23)
06. Feeling Hot (4:09)
07. Easy Does It (5:46)
08. Take A Look At Yourself (4:58)
09. Don't Leave Me This Way (7:49)
10. Absolution Blues (5:58)
11. Whisper A Prayer For The Dying (6:51)

Total playing time: 60:51

All tracks by Jimmy Page/David Coverdale

Jimmy Page: El., Ac. & 12 String Guitars, Bass, Harmonica, Dulcimer
David Coverdale: Vocals, Ac. Guitar
Denny Carmassi: Drums
Jorge Casas: Bass
Ricky Phillips: Bass
Lester Mendez: Keyboards, Percussion
John Harris: Harmonica
Tommy Funderburk: Backing Vocals
John Sambataro: Backing Vocals

Produced by Jimmy Page, David Coverdale & Mike Fraser
Engineered by Mike Fraser & Michael McIntyre
Assisted by Keith Rose, Chris Brown, Delwyn Brooks
Mixed by Mike Fraser, Jimmy Page & David Coverdale
Mastered by John Kalodner & George Marino
Production co-ordination: Michael McIntyre
Design & art direction by Hugh Syme

(P) © 1993 The David Geffen Company

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