Disc 1: Vrooom Vrooom: Live In Mexico City

01. VROOOM VROOOM (5:02)
02. Coda: Marine 475 (2:44)
03. Dinosaur (5:05)
04. B'Boom (4:51)
05. THRAK (6:39)
06. The Talking Drum (4:03)
07. Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part II (6:14)
08. Neurotica (3:40)
09. Prism (4:24)
10. Red (7:03)
11. Improv: Biker Babes Of The Rio Grande (2:27)
12. 21st Century Schizoid Man (7:37)

Total playing time: 59:54

Recorded at the Metropolitan Theater, Mexico City, August 2-4, 1996

Disc 2: On Broadway: Live In New York City

01. Conundrum (1:58)
02. Thela Hun Ginjeet (6:44)
03. Frame By Frame (5:12)
04. People (6:12)
05. One Time (5:52)
06. Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream (4:55)
07. Indiscipline (7:16)
08. Two Sticks (1:50)
09. Elephant Talk (5:14)
10. Three Of A Perfect Pair (4:16)
11. B'Boom (3:47)
12. THRAK (6:43)
13. Free As A Bird (3:03)
14. Walking On Air (5:35)

Total playing time: 68:43

Recorded at the Longacre Theater, New York, NY, Nov. 20-22, 24, 25, 1995, except 'Walking On Air' at the Wiltern Theater, Los Angeles, CA, June 30, 1995

Robert Fripp: Guitars, Soundscapes
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Voice
Bill Bruford: Acoustic & Electric Drums & Percussions
Tony Levin: Basses, Stick
Trey Gunn: Touch Guitar
Pat Mastelotto Acoustic & Electric Drums & Percussion

A Tön Pröb Production on behalf of King Crimson by David Singleton, Robert Fripp & The Vicar

Mastered at DGM by David Singleton & Robert Fripp
Assistant engineer: Alex R. Mundy
Disc 1 mixed by R. Chris Murphy & Robert Fripp
Disc 2 mixed by Adrian Belew & Ken Latchney
Cover artwork: from Paintings by P.J. Crook
Design: Hugh O'Donnell
Photos: Steve Jennings, Robert Leslie
Discipline logo: Steve Ball

'A double CD compilation from concerts in Mexico City and New York during 1996. A CD release of Mexico City (formerly available only on download) has long been requested by KC enthusiasts, and the availability of On Broadway has been restricted to members of the KC Collectors' Club. So, this is an opportunity for the wider world to get lucky and Crim-out. Revisiting this difficult band I find it interests me more today than it did at the time, and at the time I found it very interesting. And exasperating. And irritating. And impossible. And quintessentially Crimson. It was a messy conglomerate of exceptional, exuberant, experienced and energetic talent... and those are only words beginning with "E" this time.'
- RF
(P) © 2001 King Crimson/Discipline Global Mobile

Vrooom Vrooom