Warning!!! This recording contains explicit live instrumental improvisation and a poster

01. THRAK (2:20)
02. Fearless And Highly THRaKked (6:35)
03. Mother Hold The Candle Steady While I Shave The Chicken's Lip (11:19)
04. THRaKaTTaK Part I (3:42)
05. The Slaughter Of The Innocents (8:03)
06. This Night Wounds Time (11:16)
07. THRaKaTTaK Part II (11:08)
08. THRAK reprise (2:52)

Total playing time: 57:19

Robert Fripp: Guitar, Soundscapes
Adrian Belew: Guitar, Voice, Words
Trey Gunn: Warr Guitar
Tony Levin: NS Electric Upright Bass
Pat Mastelotto: Acoustic & Electronic Percussions
Bill Bruford: Acoustic & Electronic Percussions & Marimba

Recorded Oct-Nov 1995 in Japan & the US

Technical note:
These recordings are taken from DAT recordings of the front-of-house mixing desk during the KC tour of Japan and the USA during October and November 1995. The FOH sound mixer is George Glossop, who has been with KC since 1981. Soundboard mixes are not necessarily representative of what an audience might hear, but they might present refreshingly different perspectives.

Music by King Crimson
Live sound engineered by George Glossop
Compiled & arranged by David Singleton
A Tön Pröb presentation by Robert Fripp & David Singleton for King Crimson
Design: © Bill Smith Studio, London
Cover photography: Steve Jennings
Burning House photography: Tony Levin who owns the copyright in his work
DGM logo: Steve Ball

'An hour of improvised music from the 1995 tour of Japan and the USA. One of the highlights of the live shows was the improvised section during THRAK. This album is a compilation of those leaps into the unknown. The special digipak format includes full-colour poster and booklet.' (DGM)

(P) © 1996 King Crimson/Discipline Global Mobile