01. Learning Curve (6:33)
02. Calamity (8:59)
03. Welcome To Frisco (6:49)
04. The Affable Mister G. (4:14)
05. The Swing Arm Disconnects (7:15)
06. Tripwire (4:45)
07. Cycle Logical (3:43)
08. Testing To Destruction (1:56)
09. Abo (12:22)

Total playing time: 56:40

Tracks 1,4,6,9 by David Cross/John Dillon/Sheila Maloney/Dan Maurer
Tracks 2,3,5,7,8 by Paul Clark/D.Cross/J.Dillon/Sh.Maloney/D.Maurer

David Cross: The odd murmur, hum, Earth loop, panic attack & restaurant selection, Oh & VIOLINS
John Dillon: Blistered poet, BASS guitar tonk, moodshifts & lead warble
Sheila Maloney: KEYBOARDS & VOCALS, Keyboards & production, Keyboards & hairdressing, Keyboards, egg & chips & keyboards
Paul Clark: GUITAR acrobatics, qustionable dress code & exceptionally engrossing facial contortions during the widdly bits
Dan Maurer: Metronomic disorder, first to the bar, DRUMS, click detection & transatlantic phone calls (Him Mom!)

All songs written, produced & argued over by the band
All lyrics by John Dillon
Recorded at GWBB Studios Lancaster Gate, London, Feb-May '94 except Testing, Frisco, Swing Arm & Cycle Logical wich were recorded live at Fl? Club, Berlin, Oct '93
Engineered by Dave Kendall
Cover art by John Dillon

(P) © 1994 Red Hot Records
Testing to Destruction