01. Mondrago (2:13)
02. Rock Of Faith (3:57) (J.Wetton/Clive Nolan)
03. A New Day (5:17)
04. I've Come To Take You Home (4:39) (J.Wetton/G.Downes)
05. Who Will Light A Candle? (3:39) (J.Wetton/R.Palmer-James)
06. Nothing's Gonna Stand In Our Way (5:37)
07. Altro Mondo (3:42) (Instrumental)
08. I Believe In You (5:23)
09. Take Me To The Waterline (6:09)
10. I Lay Down (4:04) (J.Wetton/G.Downes)
11. When You Were Young (1:35)

Total playing time: 46:20

Bonus tracks (recorded live in Mexico City):

12. Cold Comfort (4:09) (J.Wetton/Billy Liesegang)
13. God Only Knows (3:04) (Brian Wilson/Tony Asher)

Total playing time:

All tracks by J.Wetton except where otherwise indicated

John Wetton: Acoustic Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Harmony Vocals
Geoffrey Downes: Bass, Synthesizer Piano
Clive Nolan: Keyboards
John Mitchell: Guitar
Steve Christey: Drums, Stick, Cymbals
Mike Stobbie: Cymbals

Produced by John Wetton, Clive Nolan, Karl Groom
Arranged by John Wetton, Clive Nolan
Engineered by Karl Groom
Mastered by Chris Blair
Sleeve Art by Michael Inns
Liner notes by John Wetton

(P) © 2003 Avalon
Rock Of Faith