01. Suite In C including Turnham Green, Here I Am & Others (11:14) (I.McDonald)
02. Flight Of The Ibis (3:11) (music I.McDonald; words B.P. Fallon)
03. Is She Waiting? (2:36) (I.McDonald)
04. Tomorrow's People- The Children Of Today (7:00) (M.Giles)
05. Birdman (music I.McDonald; words: P.Sinfield) (21:22) involving:
      The Inventor's Dream (O.U.A.T.)
      The Workshop
      Wishbone Ascension
      Birdman Flies!
      Wings In The Sunset
      Birdman - The Reflection

Total playing time: 45:23

Ian McDonald: Guitar, Piano, Organ, Saxes, Flute, Clarinet, Zither, Vocals & Sundries
Michael Giles: Drums, Percussion (incl. milk bottle, handsaw, lip whistle & nutbox), Vocals
Peter Giles: Bass Guitar
Steve Winwood: Organ & Piano solo on 'Turnham Green'
Michael Blakesley: Trombone on 'Tomorrow's People'

Arranged & produced by Ian McDonald & Michael Giles
Engineered by Brian Humphries
Assistant engineer: Richard Digby Smith
Strings and brass on 'Birdman' & 'Suite In C' arranged & conducted by Mike Gray

(P) © 1971 Virgin Records
McDonald & Giles