Disc 1 (Vol. 1: Ladies Of The Road)

01. Pictures Of A City (8:46) (from Live at Summit Studios 1972)
02. The Letters (4:43) (from Live at Plymouth Guildhall 1971)
03. Formentera Lady (abridged) (6:42) (from Live in Detroit 1971)
04. The Sailors Tale (5:43)
05. Cirkus (7:58) (from Live in Detroit 1971)
06. Groon (6:52) (from Live at Summit Studios 1972)
07. Get Thy Bearings (8:34)
08. 21st Century Schizoid Man (8:58) (from Live at Summit Studios 1972)
09. In The Court Of The Crimson King (0:49) (from Live in Detroit 1971)

Disc 2 (Vol 2: Schizoid Man)

01-11. 21st Century Schizoid Man (54:00)

Boz Burrell: Bass & Vocals
Mel Collins: Saxes, Flute & Mellotron
Robert Fripp: Guitar & Mellotron
Ian Wallace: Drums
Peter Sinfield: FOH sound & VCS3 on Volume 1

A Tone Probe production by Robert Fripp & David Singleton on behalf of King Crimson
Digital editing: Alex R. Mundy
Cover artwork from a painting by P.J.Crook
Photography: Robert Ellis
Design: Hugh O'Donnell

Technical notes:
Track 9 of Volume One cuts off at 48 seconds.
Track 11 of Volume Two has a 60-second silence at 4:75
These were on the master tapes

Ladies Of the Road is a two-volume Special Edition of live performances during 1971-72 drawn from the archives of the King Crimson Collectors' Club. Volume One: Ladies Of The Road is a series of performances beginning with the play-in shows at the Zoom Club, Frankfurt through to the final Earthbound tour of America. Volume Two: Schizoid Men is a compilation of sax & guitar solos played during performances of 21st Century Schizoid Man throughout its life. (DGM)

(P) © 2002 King Crimson/Discipline Global Mobile

Ladies Of The Road