01. Battle Lines (Movie Version) (5:29)
02. Chasing The Deer (3:50)
03. Drummossie Moor (3:41)
04. Prestonpans (3:32)
05. Mary's Theme (2:31)
06. Battle Lines (Acoustic Version) (5:27)

Total playing time: 24:35

    When I returned from 2 years in the US, in autumn 1993, I had my hand a CD-R of Battlelines - the result of 2 years work with some of the best people on the planet. I was feeling good, and proud of what we had achieved, but somewhat disoriented----------- I had made Battlelines primarily in California with American musicians (Robert Fripp & Simon Phillips excepted), and a US producer, Rob Nevison. It was also made for an American record company - ironically the British-owned Virgin Records.
    When I returned to Britain I didn't what to expect ---- I was slightly disoriented, and had totally lost touch with BritRock.
    One of the first calls I made, however, was to my friend Bob Carruthers at Cromwell Productions - the guy who gave us Asia live in Moscow, and live in Nottingham, when he was controller of Central Television.
    He was in a process of making a movie, but asked me to send him a tape of my new opus. Two days later I received a car phone call from him saying he had nearly crashed the Beamer, he loved the track so much. So, then Battle Lines was to become the main theme for CHASING THE DEER.
    Two weeks later, in the heat (or ice) of filming in the north of Scotland, I received another call from Bob. Would I be prepared to score the entire film?
    It took me all of six seconds to make up my mind.
See the film, it's brilliant. Please enjoy my contribution to it, you hold it in your hand.       - John Wetton, 1998.

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Chasing The Deer