CLUB 16   2001
Disc 1

01. Waiting Man (9:50)*
02. Thela Hun Ginjeet (8:00)
03. Red (6:33)
04. The Howler (5:10)
05. Frame By Frame (5:10)
06. Matte Kudasai (3:39)

Total playing time: 38:24

Disc 2

07. The Sheltering Sky (9:36)
08. Discipline (5:42)
09. Neil And Jack And Me (6:03)
10. Neurotica (5:48)
11. Elephant Talk (5:36)
12. Indiscipline (11:10)

Total playing time: 43:57

Adrian Belew: Guitars, Vocals
Robert Fripp: Guitars
Tony Levin: Stick, Bass Guitar
Bill Bruford: Drums, Percussion

Recorded at The Greek Theatre University, Berkeley, California 13/08/82

Produced by David Singleton & Alex R Mundy on behalf of King Crimson & The King Crimson Collectors' Club
Digital Editing: Alex R Mundy
Design: Hugh O'Donnell

Re-eleased as a free download from with notes:

'A sprightly performance from all parties on this last night at Berkeley. As usual Belew makes it sound all too easy whilst the Levin bass demon doesnít so much play the material as possess it. Here the Beat-era stuff sounds noticeably buoyant and a touch more exuberant than its studio counterpart. Certainly Neil and Jack and Me and a demented Neurotica consume energy like thereís no tomorrow. Itís one thing to be able to make a big noise and play fast. Itís another thing entirely to be able to consistently perform such demanding numbers with this kind of pinpoint accuracy. Exemplary stuff'.

'This recording was first released as part of the King Crimson Collectors Club but at the wrong pitch. That problem is now corrected'

*Timings are given for the electronic release version.

(P) © 2001 King Crimson/ Discipline Global Mobile

DGM KC Collectors' Club
Berkeley 1982