Disc 1: In The Studio: 1969-1971

01. 21st Century Schizoid Man
02. I Talk To The Wind
03. Epitaph
04. Moonchild
05. The Court Of The Crimson King
06. Peace - A Theme
07. Cat Food
08. Groon
09. Cadence And Cascade
10. In The Wake Of Poseidon (instrumental edit)
11. Ladies Of The Road
12. The Sailor's Tale (abridged)
13. Islands (instrumental edit)
14. Tuning Up
15. Bolero

Taken from:
'In The Court of the Crimson King' (1-5); 'In The Wake Of Poseidon' (6,7,9,10);
B-side of 'Cat Food' single (8); 'Islands' (11-14); 'Lizard' (15).

Disc 2: Live: 1969-1972

01. The Court Of The Crimson King (Fillmore West, 14/12/69)
02. A Man, A City (Fillmore East, 21/11/69)
03. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Fillmore East, 21/11/69)
04. Get Thy Bearings (Chesterfield Jazz Club, 7/9/69)
05. Mars (Fillmore West, 13/12/69)
06. Pictures Of A City (Summit Studios, Denver, 15/12/72)
07. The Letters (Plymouth Guildhall, 15/12/69?)
08. The Sailor's Tale (Jacksonville, 15/12/69)
09. Groon (Willmington, 11/2/72)
10. 21st Century Schizoid Man (instrumental edit/Willmington, 11/2/72)

Taken from:
'Epitaph' (1-5); 'Ladies Of The Road' (6,7); 'Earthbound' (8-10).

Disc 3: In The Studio: 1972-1974

01. Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part I (abridged)
02. Book Of Saturday
03. Easy Money
04. Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part II
05. The Night Watch
06. The Great Deceiver
07. Fracture
08. Starless (abridged)
09. Red
10. Fallen Angel
11. One More Red Nightmare

Taken from:
'Larks' Tongues In Aspic' (1-4); 'Starless & Bible Black' (5-7); 'Red' (8-11)

Disc 4: Live: 1972-1974

01. Asbury Park (Asbury Park, NJ, 28/6/74)
02. The Talking Drum (Pittsburgh, PA, 29 April 1974)
03. Larks' Tongues In Aspic, Part II (Asbury Park, NJ, 28/6/74)
04. Lament (Asbury Park, NJ, 28/6/74)
05. We'll Let You Know (Glasgow, 23/10/73)
06. Improv: Augsburg (Augsburg, 27/3/74)*
07. Exiles (abridged/Asbury Park, NJ, 28/6/74)
08. Easy Money (Asbury Park, NJ/Providence, RI)
09. Providence (Providence, RI, 30/6/74)
10. Starless & Bible Black (Amsterdam, 23/11/73)
11. 21st Century Schizoid Man (Providence, RI, 30/6/74)
12. Trio (Amsterdam, 23/11/73)

Taken from:
'USA' (1,3,4,7,8,11); 'The Great Deceiver' (2,9); 'Starless & Bible Black' (5);
'The Night Watch' (10,12); track 6 is previously unreleased

* 'Improv: Augsburg' is listed as a separate track in the collection's artwork, but was concatenated with 'We'll Let You Know' when Disc 4 was mastered. The improv is NOT actually missing from your set!

'The aim of The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson is to replace the Frame By Frame 4-CD compilation (1991), taking advantage of technological advances, ten years of additional live & studio Crimsonising, & twelve years of archiving live material. Frame By Frame's 3 studio + 1 live albums are being replaced by this two-volume 8-CD Guide, a comprehensive overview for new ears of all that is necessary in the Crimson corpus. Old-generation completists might disagree with some choices, but material not included in the Guide is available for new-generation completists, should they wish. The Guide can only exist now that the complete King Crimson recorded work (live & studio) is, for the first time, in one place: DGM; & a place where, arguably also for the first time, it is not being driven to serve the interests of business.' RF

'Drawn from seven studio albums & a wealth of archive live performances, 'The 21st Century Guide to King Crimson' outlines the history of one of the most enduring & influential British rock groups. Covering the period 1969-1974, the set consists of 2 CDs of studio & 2 CDs of live material. The studio tracks include material from the seminal debut album 'In the Court of the Crimson King' through to the classic 'Red' album. The concert performances feature recordings from just prior to the release of 'Court of...' to the next to final concert by the mid seventies lineup in June 1974. All of the music has been digitally remastered, edited & assembled from the best source tapes available. In the case of 'Court of..' this is the first time the recently rediscovered original master tapes have been available for CD release. The release is packaged in a fold out book containing the CDs & booklet, housed in an outer slipcase. The booklet features a diary style timeline of the b & detailing complete concert listings, recording dates, archive photos, posters, reviews, memorabilia & a new introduction by founder member Robert Fripp.'

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21st Century Guide to KC, Vol.1: 1969-74