Disc 1

01. Chandrakauns (33:37) (H.Chaurasia)
02. The Wish (18:48) (J.McLaughlin)
03. Lotus Feet (7:21) (J.McLaughlin)

Total playing time: 59:46

Disc 2

04. Mukti (63:31) (H.Chaurasia)
05. Zakir (9:06) (J.McLaughlin)

Total playing time: 72:37

John McLaughlin: Guitar [tr. 2-5], add. Synthesizer
Zakir Hussain: Tabla [1-4]
Hariprasad Chaurasia: Bansuri [1,3-5]
T. H. 'Vikku' Vinayakram: Ghatam [2-4]
Uma Metha: Tampura [1,3]

Recorded live during the September 1997 U.K. tour:
Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham 24/09; Royal Festival Hall, London 25/9;
Symphony Hall, Birmingham 26/9; Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton 27/9

Produced by John McLaughlin
Executive producers: Jean-Philippe Allard & Daniel Richard
Production coordination: Christian Pegand
Assistant production coordination: Leila Guilloteau & Bernard Dulau
Live recording & front house engineer: Sven Hoffman
Mixed engineer & production: Max Costa, assisted by Sven Hoffman, Aug. 1998, Monaco Mastering engineer: Max Costa, Nov. 1998, Monaco
Special thanks to Antonella & Patricio Onelli
Prepared for release by Patrick Volan
U.S. release coordination: John Newcoll & Robert Silverberg

Photos: Danni Ferri & Christian Him
Design: Jean Luc Barilla

"These artists were brought together for the first time, after 25 years of collaborating in various other combinations, by the Asian Music Circuit who produced a tour of the UK September 1997. The tour was presented by Contemporary Music Network (CMN) Tours with funding provided by the Arts Council of England. Taking place during the year of the 50th anniversary of the independence of India & Pakistan, the tour celebrated some of the greatest achievements in the collaboration between Indian & western music with four musicians who have played a leading role in this field, producing some of the most exciting music of our time."

(P) © 1999 Verve Records

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